Robert Cresanti, CFE
President & CEO


Suzanne Beall, Esq.
Assistant Vice President, Government Relations & Public Policy

Miriam Brewer, CFE
Senior Director, Education & Diversity
Greg Cook, CFE
Vice President, Advertising & Strategic Partnerships

Beth Dailey
Vice President, Marketing

Rose DuPont
Director, Certification Program

Tim Evans
Senior Manager, Regional Advertising

Erica Farage
Senior Director, Political Affairs & Grassroots Advocacy
John Fawkes
Manager, Membership Development
Seth Goldstein
Assistant, Membership & Advertising
Matt Haller
Senior Vice President, Government Relations & Public Affairs
Jeff Hanscom
Senior Director, State Government Relations & Public Policy
Dean Heyl, CFE
Vice President, Public Policy & Tax Counsel
Lynette James
Senior Manager, Sponsorships & Exhibits
Nick Johns
Coordinator, Strategic Partnerships
Gionne Jones
Manager, Special Projects

Ryan Kennedy
Manager, Public Affairs

Michael Layman
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
Scott Lehr, CFE
Executive Vice President, Development, Marketing & Conferences
Miriam Levi
Coordinator, Graphic Design
Josh Merin, CFE
Director, International Relations
Courtney Moore
Manager, Marketing
Donna Morris
Katie Neumann
Coordinator, Conferences
Andrew Parker
Senior Manager, Publishing
Anne Poodiack
Vice President, Conferences & Meetings
John Reynolds, CFE
President, Franchise Education & Research Foundation
Paul Rocchio, CFE
Vice President, Development & Member Services
Katelyn Russell
Manager, Conferences
Doreen Sellmon
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
Andie Snider
Director, Conferences & Meetings
Elizabeth Taylor
Chief Legal Officer & Chief of Staff
Jenna Weisbord
Senior Manager, Communications & Public Affairs

Sara Williamson
Senior Manager, Membership & Advertising

Carly Wooley
Senior Manager, Regional Advertising
Virgie Youssef
Senior Director, Finance
With the need for Labor Secretary who can quickly address regulatory challenges, IFA urges Senate to confirm...
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