Forums & Committees

The IFA Board of Directors shall have the power to create committees, advisory groups and task forces for the Association, define their functions, and terminate any such committee or advisory group.   The IFA Chair shall appoint the committee Chair, Vice Chair, and members.  Each committee and advisory group shall perform the functions specifically prescribed by the Board of Directors or which are properly within the jurisdiction of such committee or advisory group.  (IFA Bylaws)

Legal/ Legislative Committee

The goal of the IFA Legal/ Legislative Committee is to advise IFA with regard to identification, prioritization and position on legislative, regulatory and legal issues affecting franchising.

Legislative Action Group

The goal of the IFA Legislative Action Group is to advise IFA on legislative, regulatory or other political issues affecting franchising.

Marketing and Innovation Committee

The goal of the IFA Marketing and Innovation Committee is to educate IFA members on best practices in marketing, technology and innovation to drive member company performance and efficiency by leveraging digital platforms and other innovative tools to promote franchising and the IFA to internal and external audiences.

Membership Committee

The goal of the Membership Committee is to build a cohesive membership foundation to strengthen IFA for its franchisors, franchisees and suppliers.

NextGen Committee

The goal of the IFA Foundation NextGen Committee is to oversee and facilitate the NextGen program.

Nominating Committee

The goal of the IFA Nominating Committee is to recommend candidates to serve on the IFA Board of Directors and as Elected Officers (Chair, First Vice Chair, Second Vice Chair, and Secretary) of the Association.