Forums & Committees

The IFA Board of Directors shall have the power to create committees, advisory groups and task forces for the Association, define their functions, and terminate any such committee or advisory group.   The IFA Chair shall appoint the committee Chair, Vice Chair, and members.  Each committee and advisory group shall perform the functions specifically prescribed by the Board of Directors or which are properly within the jurisdiction of such committee or advisory group.  (IFA Bylaws)

Convention Committee

The goal of the IFA Convention Committee is to provide direction and suggestions for the general sessions and educational programming at the IFA Annual Convention.

Diversity Institute Board

The goal of the IFA Foundation Diversity Institute Board is to promote and foster diversity and inclusion within the franchising community.

Executive Committee

The goal of the IFA Executive Committee is to act on behalf of the Board when Board is not in session.

Finance Committee

The goals of the IFA Finance Committee are to operate a financially sound and stable organization; to ensure cost efficient operations with fiscally sound budgets; and to provide a safe, secure working environment.

Foundation Board of Trustees

The Goal of the IFA Foundation Board of Trustees is to provide governance and sets strategy for the IFA Foundation.

Franchise Business Network

IFA’s Franchise Business Network (FBN) program consists of meetings scheduled (though it is not imperative) for the second Tuesday of each quarter across the U.S. While networking with others in the franchise community, meeting potential customers and making new business contacts, participants take advantage of educational programs and legislative information made available to them at no charge, except for the cost of meals.