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We’ve set high standards, implemented strong programs, and created sound strategies to drive change through the Franchise Action Network, IFA's award-winning advocacy program. The result is the protection & support you need to increase your bottom line.
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Open for Opportunity

The faces of franchising are as diverse as our businesses. By providing meaningful jobs and resources that uplift our families and neighbors, we generate opportunity, stability, and wealth for the next generation to build a more equitable tomorrow.

As franchise local businesses, we are part of something bigger than ourselves. We are rising to our community’s challenges.

Together, we are Open for Opportunity.

To learn more about the campaign, or to get involved, please contact IFA's Erica Farage

brand protections

Enhancing Brand Protections

Trademarks are powerful symbols. They signal safety, consistency, and quality to consumers. Brand recognition and trust are essential to a franchise’s strength and success. Enhancing brand protection is a key legislative objective for IFA’s advocacy team.

IFA supports the Trademark Licensing Protection Act. This legislation resolves the discrepancy between employment and trademark law regarding brand integrity, provides clarity to brands, local business owners and employees, and solidifies consumer protection.





economic opportunities

Expanding Economic Opportunities

At IFA, we believe diversity drives innovation. Studies have shown that when a veteran opens a franchise, that business typically sees an enhanced level of success and goes on to employ people at a higher rate. The Veteran Entrepreneurs Act will extend this opportunity to more of our nation’s heroes by creating a tax credit of up to 25% of initial franchise fees for veteran franchisees. 

Embracing diversity not only enhances our culture, it drives the success of a business. IFA is focused on creating opportunities for minority small business owners and is dedicated to working with Congress to lower barriers to entrepreneurship.

The outcome is impactful: making franchise ownership more accessible to countless entrepreneurs strengthens the future of franchising.





Franchisee Fairness

Franchises are local businesses. Spanning industry, representing diverse ownership, from rural towns to urban centers, these businesses hugely impact the American economy. Regardless of brand recognition or corporate support, franchises face the same challenges as non-franchise businesses. 

IFA fights to ensure our small businesses are treated equally and not penalized because of preconceived notions about franchises. On local, state, and federal levels, IFA’s advocacy team is dialed into the pulse of business-related regulations. 

The Fairness for All Businesses Act is one such piece of legislation, providing the fairness our small businesses deserve. Specifically, the legislation mandates the equal implementation of minimum wage levels between the franchise and non-franchise businesses. By passing this legislation, Congress can level the playing field for all small businesses, and promote healthy and transparent franchise relationships.




FranPAC logo


One way IFA can be an effective public policy advocate for franchising is through a strong and vibrant PAC. FranPAC creates an opportunity for IFA members to provide financial support to candidates for federal office, and a robust PAC means more contributions to candidates who understand franchising and who will promote a legislative and regulatory climate favorable to franchised businesses. To learn more about FranPAC, please click here.

Thanks to the generosity and participation of IFA members, in the 2019-2020 federal election cycle, FranPAC raised over $1 million.    

According to federal election law, IFA must have your permission before it can solicit your contributions to FranPAC. To receive the appropriate form or if you have any other questions, please contact Erica Farage, VP, Political Affairs & Grassroots Advocacy, International Franchise Association at     

For information about federal election laws, please visit the Federal Election Commission website.

Our Recent Efforts
To Protect Franchising

Joint Employer

IFA supports a clear and fair “joint employer” standard that is based on direct control and allows franchisees to operate independently and our economy to flourish.
Protecting Brands

Franchise Relationship Legislation

In recent years, the federal and several state governments have introduced legislation that would codify franchise contracts into law, which would increase regulation on small business owners, reduce franchisee equity, damage brand standards and public safety, and insert the federal and/or state government into all preexisting and future contracts.
Protecting Brands

Association Health Plans (AHPs)

Whether a large franchisor company with thousands of locations or an individual franchisee successfully running a single unit, delivering affordable health care is one of the most pressing issues facing franchising.
Promoting Healthcare Coverage

Veteran Entrepreneurs Act

The Veteran Entrepreneurs Act would provide veterans with a 25 percent tax credit on the initial franchise fee, which the prospective veteran franchisee can elect to pass to the franchisor in exchange for a discount of equivalent value up front.
Enhancing Opportunities

Independent Contractor

IFA has strongly opposed efforts to enact independent contractor tests that rob franchise owners of their investments by effectively demoting them to employees of their brand.
Protecting Brands

Trademark Licensing Protection Act

The Trademark Licensing Protection Act (TLPA) will resolve a "catch-22" regarding brand standards in federal law: trademark law requires franchisors to enforce their brand standards, but at the same time, employment law penalizes them for enforcing those same brand standards.
Protecting Brands