BrandONE Builds off 2023 Expansion to Grow Brands and Build Portfolio

January 25, 2024

(January 25, 2024) – Leveraging the successes of 2023, BrandONE, the premier franchise growth and development consultancy in America, is entering 2024 prepared for the rapid development of its portfolio brands and the organization as a whole. Their leadership team is intent on capitalizing on emerging trends within the franchising sector as an engine for brand expansion and maximized social impact.

One such trend is the rising interest in manager-run business concepts, as opposed to the more traditional owner-operated franchise model. This model allows franchise owners the safety and security of maintaining a full-time job while launching a compelling franchise venture.

“By trusting properly-trained managers to handle day-to-day operations of a franchise, franchise owners are able to focus on strategic decisions, providing them a sense of freedom and relief, without sacrificing the success of the business itself,” said Kurt Landwehr, Partner and Founder of BrandONE. “We’ve been working diligently to adapt to this latest trend by partnering with brands that follow similar business models, such as dermani MEDSPA® and Lifetime Green Coatings.”

BrandONE dedicated much of 2023 to expanding the company through the addition of more brands and developers, finishing with a total of 14 franchises in its portfolio. They anticipate an aggressive level of growth throughout 2024, with a particular interest in partnering with franchise brands that are recession-resistant with built-in demand.

“The brands we added last year only enhanced the development of our already diverse franchise portfolio, and we’re fully prepared to leverage that success as a springboard for transformative expansion,” Landwehr said. ““From the growth of our franchise partners, to broadening our own portfolio while adapting to the rapidly evolving business landscape, the stage is set for a formidable franchise development journey in 2024.”

More than just a franchise sales and candidate recruitment company, BrandONE partners with franchisors to sustainably build their enterprise value and help them achieve growth objectives through customized brand development solutions. Whether an emerging franchise or a well-established business, BrandONE is dedicated to guiding each brand in its portfolio through the entire franchising process, from budget creation and implementation through content creation, candidate conversations, lead handling, discovery day, and every other step in between.

BrandOne is always looking to speak with exciting brands and owners who have strong ambition to grow. For more information about BrandONE, visit


Established in 2017, BrandONE is a trusted partner to franchisors dedicated to fostering sustainable enterprise value. With a combined wealth of over 500 years of experience in cultivating the nation's foremost brands, the BrandONE team is renowned for its diverse expertise across various business verticals and its comprehensive knowledge of all operational facets within organizations. BrandONE stands as an amalgamation of five dynamic business partners, representing a diverse portfolio of 14 distinct brands, each united by a shared aspiration: to enhance communities through sustainable and responsible growth. BrandONE remains steadfast in its commitment to this noble mission. For more information about BrandONE, visit