Best Franchising Opportunities

So, you’re interested in franchising. You’ve come to the right place. The International Franchise Association has developed resource pages full of tips and info to help you get started. What are you looking to learn about?

Search Franchise Suppliers

IFA’s directory of franchise-forward suppliers are trusted partners who will understand your specific needs. They understand the landscape of franchising and have proven track records of excellent partnerships. 

Find a supplier that will best deliver the services and products to enable and support your business.

Franchise Events

What if you could enhance your visibility, capture the attention of industry leaders, and strengthen your relationships and standing within the franchising community? IFA’s events are a prime marketing investment in the future of your business.  

Whether you’re looking to grow your bottom line, build your brand, or expand your network, IFA has an event that will deliver results. Push your career to the next level by attending our engaging, educational, high-profile events. Go further by speaking or exhibiting at an event.

You will gain knowledge, network, learn from your peers, and rub elbows with franchising superstars. You will gain credits to apply toward your Certified Franchising Executive (CFE) designation. You can’t lose when you are proactively seeking betterment, and IFA’s events will take your business and professional standing to the next level. 

Franchising Industry Information Hub

Running a business takes organization, passion, resources, and most importantly, time. You need to be ready to learn and make mistakes; to innovate, to succeed, and to face challenges. 

Our members have been growing and advancing in their careers for years because we do everything to ensure they always have access to the best selection of resources. The IFA Information Hub opens the door to a world of resources designed to refine or refresh the skills you need to grow professionally in your industry and beyond.

Franchise Industry Research

IFA’s Industry Research team utilizes our rich network of experts and leaders to provide insights on the latest market intelligence, research, economic forecasts, and up-to-date data about the franchising community. Knowledge is power. 

We curate and analyze industry relevant documentation to produce a strong collection of insights, keeping our members informed.  This includes hard data, white papers, briefs, and reports on the economic impact of franchising in local economies. 

IFA is committed to providing you with industry research insights so that you can turn ideas and strategies into successful outcomes.   

International Franchise Opportunities

IFA has the resources to guide our members to successful global business expansion. If your aspirations go beyond borders, IFA will be right there with you, empowering you and removing blockers. To get oriented to the possibilities, explore IFA’s international franchising toolkit, country-specific research, and international mentorship opportunities.


Credibility is a valuable currency. The Institute of Certified Franchise Executives (ICFE) offers a wide range of continuing education programs for professional development. Meet the program requirements, complete the course of study, and become a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE).