Vehicle Wrap Design Best Practices


SpeedPro is a leading expert in vehicle wraps and branded materials, with installers servicing anywhere in the U.S. Custom branded online ordering is available and discounts are afforded to franchise partners. SpeedPro also provides environmental graphics, signs, grand opening kits and more.

• Before designing your vehicle wrap, find examples of wraps you like and dislike.

• Select a background that is attention grabbing but not too dominant. Content should be highly visible and in high contrast to the background.

• The company name, logo and url are the most important information and should be easy to read from a distance.

• Convey what you do and how to reach your business while using as little content as possible. At the most, include company name, logo, tag line, one phone number, website and 3-5 main services.

• Be careful when designing vehicles with sliding doors. Avoid placing important content behind the sliding door that will be hidden when the door is open and pay attention to unintentional messages that may be displayed as the door is being opened because parts of words are missing.


• Consider a large QR code on the front or back door so people who are stopped can take a photo and go to your website.

• When designing in a 2D environment, think through what the design will look like in 3D. For example, you do not want to put a person’s mouth over the door handle.

• Perforated window film works well for rear windows on trucks unless they are pulling a trailer. Solid vinyl is better suited for van windows and contour cut spot decals are also an option.

• When designing window graphics for a window that can be rolled down, design for what it will look like when the window is partially and fully down.

• Typically, the roof is not necessary to wrap because it cannot be seen from ground level, and it will be worn down by weather and may need to be replaced sooner than the rest of the vehicle wrap. Vehicles with slanted roofs, such as a Ford Transit Connects, will need to have the roof wrapped.

• Select a professionally trained and 3M certified installer to ensure accuracy and quality. Wraps that are installed following best practices last the longest.

SpeedPro offers custom vehicle wraps, signs, wall murals, window clings, floor decals, trade show booths, grand opening kits and more. Online ordering available.