The Latest From the Emergence of the Cloud and Marketing


by Eulerity

One of the biggest trends of the last decade was the emergence of the cloud infrastructure that people and businesses have come to fully rely on. When businesses had to pivot to working from home, the rise of virtual work environments, shared folders and drives automatically skyrocketed. Offices that once stored file cabinets worth of work and information are now hosting it somewhere else — the cloud.

What the cloud includes

When you are using a cloud based system, you are essentially sharing and storing your information to an internal infrastructure that delivers different services. This includes data management,  servers, software, databases and data storage. Sid Nag, VP of Research for Gartner, an advisory and research firm, had highlighted on the growth of the cloud back in 2020, stating, “The pandemic validated cloud’s value proposition,” and relays that “the ability to use on-demand, scalable cloud models to achieve cost efficiency and business continuity is providing the impetus for organizations to rapidly accelerate their digital business transformation plans.”

Various types and services of cloud

Aside from having everything in one place, when your business relies on cloud storage, you are offering your employees to save their data and work all in one place, which is incredibly convenient and also quick. Along with the cloud comes all its vast services, including email, data analyzation, audio and video streaming, and more. You also have both public and private cloud offerings, and even hybrids. The most popular and efficient type of cloud computing is that of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). This involves the “licensing of a software application to customers.” These are usually on demand or pay-as-you-go models.

How it affects my marketing

Adam Chandler, COO and Co-Founder of Eulerity, a tech SaaS company that offers the world’s leading marketing automation platform, touched on the cloud’s overwhelming evolution, saying, “As marketing has gotten more complex than less, traditional marketing partners need to make the evolution to cloud based marketing automation to simply handle the rate of change and sheer amount of data a robust marketing platform will need to handle.” The good news is, the offerings of the cloud could substantially improve your business and increase your revenue. First, its wherever, whenever, approach offers flexibility and assurance, as people can access and use its services from any device, anywhere, anytime.

The utilization of the cloud can cut your spending on IT services and storage by an incredible percentage. Brands have more of their budget back. If your brand requires customers to make appointments, reservations, and/or meetings, cloud services can automate all of that — the scheduling, management of company and personal calendars, and automation of registration and sign-ups.

In all, the cloud and its services are something you should certainly consider when operating a growing business. The positive effects it can have on your employees, customers, and overall brand are significant. The adoption of a SaaS partner is also something to consider when trying to run automated marketing campaigns, advertisements, promotions and more.

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