Revolutionize Your Digital Marketing Efforts with Marketing Automation


By Mary Hanula, Senior Director of Marketing, Eulerity

Now, more than ever, you need an agile and effective business strategy to scale your company from a start-up to an industry giant. Any good business strategy needs an even better execution plan.

With all the moving parts of strategy execution, from visioning and setting objectives and missions to resource allocation and ideating action plans, you must be efficient and expedient to gain ground and move fast. This is where marketing automation saves the day. 

Let’s explore how marketing automation elevates business strategies and provides overall benefit to a brand’s digital marketing campaign. 

Marketing Automation Helps You Navigate Common Strategy Creation and Execution Challenges

For all their gravitas, marketing strategies often come up short when execution is lacking. Research shows 48% of all organizations don’t meet 50% of their strategic targets. While one reason strategy creation and execution fail is that most executives don’t spend enough time discussing strategies, there are more deep-seated reasons for it. They include: 

  • Ever-increasing repetitive tasks
  • Setting overambitious goals
  • Poor team alignment
  • Inadequate capacity to track progress
  • Lack of predictive and leading indicators 

These challenges substantially curtail the execution of marketing strategies. It’s why 68% of companies use marketing automation to get ahead of marketing challenges and fulfill their strategic objectives. 

Marketing automation leverages advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automate recurrent marketing activities such as posting on social media, sending emails, and dispatching push notifications. Marketing automation for enterprise brands is on an upsurge, which makes sense given the ease of operations automation brings to a brand. 

Some notable brands that utilize marketing automation successfully include Hand & Stone, The Little Gym , Clean Juice, Workout Anytime, and Blo Blow Dry Bar. These brands have helped pave the way and set a standard for the vast success automation can bring to your business. In case you’re still wondering if it’s the right fit for you, here are four ways marketing automation enhances business strategy.

1. Streamlining Lead Generation and Nurturing Leads

Companies that leverage marketing automation to nurture prospects increase their qualified leads by 451%. This is good news to the 76% of chief marketing officers (CMOs) who say generating high-quality leads is their biggest challenge.  

Next-level marketing automation software like Eulerity helps you capture and engage all the leads that have expressed interest in your brand. These leads may be: 

  • Marketing qualified leads  — those contacts who respond to your marketing efforts, e.g., by subscribing, commenting, or sharing your marketing content
  • Product qualified leads — those contacts who experiment with your product and expressed interest in converting to paying customers, e.g., by reviewing the free version positively
  • Service qualified leads — those contacts who express interest in your services. e.g.,  by inquiring about a particular product feature or service
  • Sales qualified leads — those contacts who show express interest in becoming a paying customer or subscriber, e.g., by enquiring about pricing or payment options

Using marketing automation software, you’ll capture important customer data that you leverage to qualify leads and move them down the sales funnel more swiftly. 

2. Improving Customer Engagement and Retention

Customer experience quality can make or break your digital marketing strategy. Today, you must work extra hard to earn and keep the modern customer’s attention. 

Using customer data from your marketing automation software, you can customize every customer’s digital experience and engagement in your sales funnel. This way, you can lay out solid strategies for your marketing campaigns, so you deliver tailored content to each customer at the right time. 

Better yet, digital marketing automation software enables you to send customized omnichannel messages in real time. This helps keep customers and leads engaged regardless of the platform — email, social media, ad campaigns, SMS, or push notifications. 

3. Enhancing Data Analysis and Decision-Making

In our hyper-competitive digital space, only data-driven business strategies have the chance of succeeding. If your strategies are only intuitive and not data-backed, you’ll fall behind your competitors and waste time and resources executing a failing plan. 

Fortunately, digital marketing automation software lets you collect, analyze, and apply essential customer data when making strategic decisions. Even if you encounter strategic challenges along the way, having made solid, data-driven decisions at the outset you’ll have the leeway to return to your data and course-correct accordingly. 

4. Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Whether you run a B2C or B2B company, you must personalize your marketing messages to resonate with your target customers. However, personalizing marketing messages demands substantial analysis of customer behavior data before fully understanding each customer’s persona. 

Without marketing automation tools, it’s humdrum and tiresome to customize each marketing message manually, and that is if you get the time to do so. But with the tools, personalization is seamless and effortless.

Mary Hanula is the Senior Director of Marketing for Eulerity, the world’s leading marketing automation software. The company brings brands AI-optimized digital marketing, optimized ad spend, seamless ad creation, and automated ad deployment — all available on the first ever online advertising app. Eulerity prides itself on partnering with Fortune 500 companies and top franchise brands to revolutionize digital marketing and give business back to business owners. Learn more about Eulerity here.