MITcon 2019 Roundtables


Continental Breakfast with Roundtables
Friday, October 25
8:30 am-10:00 am

Sit at a table with 8-10 of your fellow attendees and share ideas, challenges and solutions focused on a specific topic assigned to that table. This is an opportunity to have an open forum discussion with a small group of your peers to discuss mistakes, lessons learned and success stories. Everyone participates at the table to get the most out of the discussions which are led by franchise experts. Please refer to the MITcon Mobile App for up-to-date table topic and facilitator information. 

Round One

  1. Best Practices for Developing Beneficial Social Media Influencer Relationships
    Facilitator: Jamie Izaks, CFE, President, All Points Public Relations, LLC
  2. Do People Still Like Talking to People?
    Facilitator: Karen Booze, Senior Emerging Business Development Sales Executive, AnswerConnect
  3. How Do You Maintain Strong Brand Equity and Consistency in Customer Experience Delivery as Your Franchise Scales?
    Facilitator: George Bourassa, Manager, Strategic Sales, AskNicely
  4. What Is the Most Important Piece in Your Technology Stack, and How Does It Impact Your Day-to-Day Operations?  
    Facilitator: Martin Staykov, Enterprise Solutions Manager, Better Software
  5. Technology Life Hacks for Franchisee’s Bookkeeping 
    Facilitator: Max Emma, CEO, BooXkeeping Corp.       
  6. It’s Time to Think About Email Marketing Segmentation
    Facilitator: Matthew Montoya, Channel Marketing and Enablement Manager, Constant Contact
  7. “Uberizing” the Home Service Customer Experience
    Facilitator: Joshua Schure, CFE, Director, Franchise Strategy, Dispatch Technologies, Inc.
  8. My Data Is Everywhere, How Do I Bring It All Together? Then Where Do I Go from There?
    Facilitator: Mike Zollinger, Franchise Account Executive, DOMO
  9. Marketing Automation: How to Scale Your Local Marketing with a Limited Staff Using Today’s Modern Technology
    Facilitator: Adam Chandler, Co-Founder & COO, Eulerity, Inc.
  10. Driving Unit Economics with Customer Loyalty Programs
    Facilitator: Tom Epstein, CFE, CEO, Franchise Payment Networks
  11. Marketing Audits- What’s the Difference? Best Practices? And Why? 
    Facilitator: Dean Hatzitheodosiou, CFE, Senior Director, Business Development, FranchiseBlast
  12. Struggling in a Tight Labor Market? Find Out What Brands are Leveraging to Increase Employee Retention
    Facilitator: Jeremy Smith, Research Analyst, FRANdata
  13. Growth Marketing for Franchises
    Facilitator: Subodh Gupta, Head of Sales, Franpos
  14. Maximizing Video in an Omni-channel World    
    Facilitator: Charles Ifegwu, VP, Partnerships, Lemonlight
  15. Customer Service in Social Media and Online Reviews: Tips and Best Practices
    Facilitator: Richard Thomas, VP, Sales and Marketing, Listen360, Inc.
  16. The Importance of Data Transparency When Measuring Franchise Paid Media Performance & ROI
    Facilitator: Tom Lynch, VP, Franchise Operations and Development, Location3 Media


Round Two

  1. Building a Content Calendar That Actually Works
    Facilitator: Freddy Hunt, Director, SEO and Content Marketing, Oneupweb
  2. Measuring, Monitoring and Merchandising Success
    Facilitator: Kevin Sabourin, Senior Director, Business Development, Powerchord
  3. Mining Data to Improve Direct Marketing Performance 
    Facilitator: Stephen Naughton, Campaign Architect, PrintComm
  4. Digital Transformation: How to Get Your Franchisees to Adopt New Technology and Digital Marketing
    Facilitator: Gabriella Ferrara, Head, Business Development, PwC | FranSuite
  5. Your Customer’s Online Journey - How Many Digital Touchpoints Do You Need Today? 
    Facilitator: Troy Dowell, VP, Sales, Qiigo, Inc.
  6. How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence as a Competitive Advantage in the Franchise Market
    Facilitator: Rodrigo Paiva, SVP, Sales, Qubo
  7. All Aboard! Rallying Franchisees Who Are Reluctant to Participate in Marketing Programs
    Facilitator: Emily George, Strategic Solutions Manager, RevLocal
  8. Marketing Technology for Franchises: Emerging Tools & Best Practices
    Facilitator: Justin Mink, SVP, Sales, Scorpion
  9. Franchisees’ Mobile Apps: What Technology and What Features for What Results? 
    Facilitator: Rob Gandley, VP, Sales, SeoSamba
  10. Media Trust Is on the Decline, Consumer Influence Is on the Rise. What You Need to Know and How to Be Prepared
    Facilitator: Jacob Chappell, CFE, SVP, Sales, SOCi, Inc.
  11. Finding the Right Balance Between Brand Awareness vs. Lead Gen
    Facilitator: Mike McDowell, Director, Operations, Social Joey
  12. Setting Up Guard Rails: How to Prevent Your Franchisees from Making Major Brand Mistakes
    Facilitator: Karen Wenning, Business Development Manager, Suttle-Straus
  13. Device ID Targeting - Mobile Phones Provide a Unique View into User Behaviors, Frequently Visited Locations, Home, and Work Habits, Interests and Much More
    Facilitator: Kenny Stocker, VP, Sales, V Digital Services
  14. Your Website is the Hub of Your Digital Ecosphere      
    Facilitator: Mark Rice, Sales Director & Solutions Architect, for Enterprise