Member Benefit Monthly: Marketing


Every month we will be putting a spotlight on certain resources IFA has for our members. Want to see more? Visit

What marketing advantages does IFA provide its members?

Lead Generation: Extend your brand’s reach across the vast IFA membership and franchise opportunity seekers by making sure your company’s information is up to date on IFA’s website. Log on here to ensure your information is correct.

Advertising: Consider advertising in Franchising World magazine, on, in the Franchise Opportunities Guide, in IFA’s newsletters and more to validate your brand’s presence in the franchise community and reach new clients and prospects. Find out more here

Franchise Marketing Innovation & Technology Conference (MITcon): Every year, IFA hosts MITcon where attendees learn how to drive higher demand and increase customer loyalty through marketing and innovation. Stay tuned here for information on MITcon 2020.

IFA’s 2020 Annual Convention: This event features a wide array of marketing sessions, including the Elements of Successful Franchising, Marketing & Innovation Summit, Managing the Digital Consumer Tsunami, Navigating the Changing Tides from Corporate National Marketing to Local Marketing and more. Sign up here

Information Hub: The Information Hub on is a valuable resource with multiple articles about marketing that showcase best practices and trends.

Suppliers: Looking for a marketing company to help grow your brand? Look to our supplier members first. Find a list of suppliers here