Marketing Tips to Generate New Customers


By John Lee

All franchise locations look for effective and low cost methods of generating new customers. With this in mind, a main concern of franchisors is locations that continually under-perform. Unfortunately, 15-18% of all franchise locations are under-performing. Some aim to become “success stories” at low cost since they probably do not have strong financial resources. Here are a four tested and proven noteworthy considerations for helping an underperforming location increase its customer base and generate incremental sales.

  1. Community events: 5k runs and walks, business expos and health expos are great spots for marketing. Offer logo T-shirts or cups to the participants. Give away marketing cards with a menu or list of products or services with a special offer to generate customers. It’s a great way to reach up to 5,000 potential customers in one weekend.

  1. Partner with a local charity: Announce upcoming fundraising events on social media to the current customer base. Most community groups or not-for-profit organizations will have 2,000-5,000 donors and supporters. Make sure the partnership and fundraising activities are posted on their social media, website and email communications. This expands your customer base and goodwill in your local market area.

  1. Develop a local store marketing plan: This plan should be specifically for the location’s market area. It should include low-cost marketing initiaves such as social media, digital marketing, targeted field marketing, and perhaps experiential marketing. These activities will identify and turn hidden sales opportunities into tangible results.

  1. Create a giveaway contest: Build a database of potential customers by capturing their names, cell phone numbers and email addresses for future marketing initiatives that will create excitement for the brand and the location. Here’s how it works.

    1. Develop a social media plan targeted to potential customers with an “Enter to Win a Year of Free….” campaign and capture their data on a landing page entry form. The data must be managed and maintained.

    2. Create a video ad to promote the campaign and drive potential customers to the landing page. Each person entering receives a special offer when they visit the location.

    3. Initiate direct response vehicles to extend the campaign’s exposure to generate excitement and direct viewers to the landing page.

    4. Initiate digital marketing messages to the growing campaign database to encourage visitation with an exclusive incentive.

    5. Promote the campaign to potential customers. In addition to Instagram and Facebook video ads, consider other forms of communication such as jumbo direct mail postcards, front window clings, banners and sidewalk/street signs and marketing cards.

    Change the campaign every two months for a fresh offer to continue to generate contact data of potential customers.

Whether you are trying to reach new customers or keep your current base thriving, it’s always a great idea to get creative and use new marketing techniques that work for your brand.

John Lee established Impact Marketing Service 28 years ago and has worked with over 6,000 franchisees. For more information on Impact Marketing Services, click here