How To Build a Marketing Plan for Your Franchise Business

How To Build a Marketing Plan For Your Franchise Business Graphic

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Franchise business growth is difficult to achieve. The tactics that work for single-location businesses could prove less effective for businesses with multiple locations. To create a successful franchise business, you first need to establish a clear path to reaching your goals. Successful franchises have found that adopting a strategy-first approach enables them to do so – and that begins with your franchise marketing plan.

Establish Your Franchise’s Brand Identity

Building a marketing strategy for franchise business growth creates a solid foundation for your franchise business. But before you approach the development stage of your marketing plan, you will first need to lay the groundwork to support your marketing initiative and create something worth sharing.

Focus on building a strong brand image early on. With an established brand and a strong identity, you can create consistency across all facets of your franchise business. This fosters participation among franchisees and eliminates room for them to stray from branding parameters. Above all, it creates a unified message that allows the entire organization to buy in, ensuring a consistent experience across all locations.

Define Your Target Market and Segment Your Audience

The ultimate goal of having a franchise marketing plan is to make the most out of your marketing efforts and maximize the results of your campaigns. The best way to do that is to deliver the right message to the right people.

Identifying your target audience is a crucial step in building an effective marketing plan. This is important because a franchise marketing strategy that speaks to a general audience will only dilute your message. By determining who you should target, you narrow down your market, which helps you craft the right message for the right people.

Intuition can be a good starting point in identifying who is more likely to buy from you. But franchise marketing strategy experts recommend following up immediately with thorough research. Working with a good franchise marketing agency streamlines this process, but you can also do your own research by asking the right questions.

Identify Priority Franchise Marketing Channels

Running franchise digital marketing campaigns on every available channel can certainly be a great strategy. However, that only applies if your business has a presence on plenty of platforms and if your target audience is active on all of them. But that rarely happens. For most businesses, having such a broad scope spreads their marketing budgets too thin while producing minimal results.

Identify the right platform that enables you to reach your target audience directly while maximizing returns. Look for strategies that enable you to produce the right results, especially at the local level, where franchisees have different needs and varying circumstances.

By knowing the strengths of each franchise digital marketing platform, you can develop the right marketing strategy for franchise business growth that delivers the most benefit to your franchise. You can even take advantage of the expertise of marketing professionals who are well-versed in franchise focused marketing. Look for a reliable franchise marketing agency that delivers quality franchise focused marketing services.

Decide How To Measure Success

In order for franchisees to buy into your vision, they must be able to see the value of your franchise marketing plan. You must show that you’re able to deliver consistent ROI through your efforts to be seen as a viable growth partner. To do that, you must be able to measure your results to back up your claims with quantifiable data.

Identify key metrics to track your marketing efforts. Fortunately, franchise digital marketing has made this part easier in contrast to traditional marketing methods. Digital analytics and tracking software enable you to continuously collect data on your campaigns, giving you access to real-time information about the success of your marketing strategy for franchise business growth.


Franchise focused marketing is tricky but vital in building consistent growth for your franchise. With numerous marketing techniques to consider and several factors to account for, marketing without an appropriate plan can lead you to spend your entire marketing budget without any results to show for it. Begin with a comprehensive franchise marketing strategy to align your efforts and build a roadmap for success. Start by compiling a complete franchise marketing plan.

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