How This Franchisor Embraces its Global Business Perspective


By Dustin Hansen, CEO of InXpress

As globalization took off in the 1990s, small-to-medium-sized businesses quickly became an underserved market as large-scale corporate customers took precedent based on their high-volume shipping needs.

In an effort to provide the type of discounts and services typically handed out to these larger corporate customers, InXpress broke onto the shipping scene in 1999. With its roots in the United Kingdom, the company quickly filled a void in the marketplace, allowing small and medium-sized businesses to import and export their goods at a reasonable rate.

Today, the international shipping franchise operates in 14 countries and helps small-to-medium size businesses ship 4.6 million packages a year. Franchisees are able to offer enterprises shipping rates traditionally only available to high-volume clients and deliver one on-one account management.

Dustin Hansen, CEO of InXpress Americas shares benefits of conducting business around the world and how the global concept ensures unity across the franchise.

Strength of Numbers and Knowledge

One of the greatest advantages of serving customers around the world is the perspective and industry-wide insight gained including real-time updates on global impacts and marketplace trends. This especially rang true throughout the pandemic, as different InXpress branches were alerted to specific capacity restraints and what carrier providers were still accepting shipments. With a pulse on worldwide challenges, InXpress keeps B2B customers in the know on the latest supply chain impacts and provide tailor-made courier and delivery options.

Global concepts get to leverage their exceptional expertise and network of connections for InXpress that includes multiple world-class carrier partners. Additionally, when franchisees invest in the brand, they are joining a system with worldwide perspectives on best practices and entrepreneurs available to help, consult and coach.

Stay Aligned and Over Communicate

As a global concept, the InXpress team understands the value each domain adds to the entire enterprise. While there are separate CEOs for each region and department heads, the company built a global team to work in tandem with one another. We also host global webinars to ensure everyone is communicating and aligned with collective objectives to strengthen the brand.

Prioritize Business Diversification

InXpress is the only non-asset authorized shipping reseller company in the US that can offer customers multiple shipping solutions through a global network of robust carrier partners. In order to become a leader within a category, it takes constant enhancements to the existing systems, programs and capabilities for the customer and franchisees. Being in a position of growth, the system was able to roll out a redesigned in-house software platform to provide customers with faster, flexible features and expand the shipping services available through an additional world-class carrier to offer domestic small parcel shipping services to customers. In order to take any company to the next level, there needs to be a consistent flow of resourceful tools and eagerness to increase the service offerings and value.

Uphold the Brand Standards; Provide Unmatched Service

No matter the size of the company, the business objective must remain the same. Our franchisees must provide small-to-medium size enterprises superior account management and attentive personal touch. It’s not enough to provide global connections without a local point of contact who is reliable, responsive and will provide flexible shipping solutions that adapt with the needs of the client. Regardless of the type of business, the brand standards and level of service must be a differentiator upheld across the system.

Provide an In-Demand Service

While franchise candidates continue to seek out recession-resilient concepts, many are asking which of those offer ‘essential services.’ More important than number of units, international or emerging franchisors need to offer a must-have product, service or offering that can withstand any economic climate.

The logistics industry in the U.S is massive, generating over $1 trillion in revenue in 2018 and growing at an average of 10+% per year. This encompasses all areas of transportation and logistics including small parcel, truck, and air – all areas that the InXpress business works within. InXpress franchisees know the industry itself creates a continual lucrative opportunity but it’s also the growing need for the service, competitive rates and expertise required to manage shipping for a company.

Efficient shipping has become even more crucial due to supply chain challenges, tariffs and an overall influx of ecommerce shipping needs. Shipping can make or break a business and InXpress provides that high-level of guidance to business owners who understand how a tailored shipping strategy can positively impact their bottom line and/or expand the existing customer base.

Be Customer-Centric to Fulfil Global Need

With no growth limitations, the franchisees are supportive to one another but with a friendly competitive spirit. Yet, the global company collectively grows with the same intention – to help more SMEs who are in need of experienced shipping specialists. A company can work toward expanding its reach when the why remains at stake. The company’s customer centric culture ensures all sales operations and intention to scale is centered on helping bolster small-to-medium size enterprises around the world. The system will remain engaged and active when there is a tactful and effective approach to fulfil a global need.

Dustin Hansen joined the InXpress team as a young ambitious entrepreneur, opening the first stateside franchise in Atlanta in 2006. Under Dustin’s leadership, his franchise generated more than $1 million in revenue in its first full year. Dustin has also led the growth at InXpress Americas, taking the company from $2 million in 2009 to nearly $115 million in 2015. He was named InXpress Americas Executive Vice President in 2009, CEO in 2012 and CEO of InXpress Americas in 2014. Today, the network of 400 franchises globally in 14 countries helps small-to-medium size businesses ship 4.6 million packages a year and generates over $200 million in revenue. For more information and franchise opportunities for International Franchise Association (IFA) franchisor member InXpress, click here.