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By Marty Langenderfer, Spavia Day Spa


For nearly 20 years, Spavia has been dedicated to redefining the neighborhood spa experience. Our mission is to make a positive impact on the world, one guest at a time, by delivering an affordable luxury that bridges the gap within the wellness industry. Since 2005, the core of our success has been our commitment to offering result-driven treatments that help guests relax, recenter and renew. In 2023, the Spavia brand grew even stronger as we reinforced our reputation as a leader in accessible high-end wellness. From introducing new treatments to giving back to our communities through Spavia Cares, Spavia has seen a year of tremendous growth and is only poised to continue providing the best in day spa services to our markets.

Providing an Amazing Guest Experience

Our guests can indulge in monthly treatments, enjoy luxurious plush robes, find tranquility in retreat spaces, or shop top-tier retail offerings. It’s the ultimate destination for those seeking relaxation, rejuvenation and recentering, all within their own communities. We offer guests a variety of treatments and the ability to customize their spa experience while enjoying the serenity of themed aesthetics that carry throughout the day spa. Our retail products add to our guests’ experience with a wide range of options and diverse pricing to cater to a broad audience.

Among the latest additions to Spavia’s portfolio of treatments is an innovative dermaflash treatment, specially designed to leave guests feeling revitalized and looking their best. The treatment uses award-winning sonic technology to delicately exfoliate dead skin cells and gently remove peach fuzz, unveiling smoother, glowing skin in an instant. Treatments such as our new dermaflash facial boost allow our guests to leave refreshed and feeling their best.

Giving Back to Our Communities

In addition to making a positive impact through wellness, we take pride in giving back to our communities through our Spavia Cares program and furthering that impact on the lives of our guests and the communities we serve. Whether it’s contributing to local charities, partnering with community organizations, or organizing fundraisers, Spavia consistently strives to enrich the lives of its guests and the communities they call home. It’s a testament to Spavia’s dedication to wellness not only in a spa setting but in the broader context of societal well-being, emphasizing that success goes hand in hand with giving back. Every September, we invite our franchisees to give back and make a positive difference. This year we had 100 percent participation from all our locations.

Growing the Spavia Leadership Team

Giving back to our communities is only one way Spavia works to keep the brand moving forward. This year, Spavia has welcomed talented new leaders to our corporate team. A strong, experienced team is the backbone that ensures longevity, and Spavia recognized this. We welcomed Dana Benfield, chief marketing officer, and Courtney Allison, chief operating officer, to the Spavia family earlier this year, injecting fresh perspectives and energy into the organization. These new hires bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, guiding Spavia to reach its goals as it continues to grow.

Dana brings over 25 years of marketing experience to the Spavia team. Her journey began in the food industry, including a remarkable 16-year tenure at Red Robin. In 2019, Dana transitioned to the health, beauty and wellness industry with WellBiz Brands, discovering a passion for helping people feel their best. Throughout her career, Dana has excelled in national, brand, local, digital and gift card marketing, with a deep-seated enthusiasm for data-driven solutions. Dana is a proponent of transparency, fosters collaboration and is dedicated to building high-performing teams focused on achieving exceptional outcomes.

Courtney has devoted her career to franchising, deeply valuing the business model’s potential. As the Chief Operating Officer at Spavia, she champions three core areas for successful franchise systems: Training and Education, Field Operations and Franchisee Communications. Courtney’s teaching background underscores the importance of ensuring consistent, exceptional spa experiences through team training. For her, effective coaching for delivering memorable customer experiences is central to boosting franchisee success, and she believes strong relationships and shared visions with franchisees drive the heart of franchising, emphasizing the power of collaboration. Courtney is dedicated to fostering Spavia’s growth and supporting franchisees’ achievements.

A Vision for Growth and Innovation

With new additions to our team, we are setting ourselves up for an era of exciting new growth. Spavia has a goal of reaching 200 locations in the next decade. We are focusing efforts to increase our presence in major metropolitan areas across the U.S. with an initial start in cities in Arizona and Texas.

Part of our initiative to increase locations, Spavia is set for a refresh with the introduction of Sway by Spavia, a concept designed to connect with a younger urban demographic. Sway will offer affordable, trendy treatments and an Instagram-worthy atmosphere, reflecting our adaptability and commitment to innovation for this new era in the wellness industry. This expansion venture diversifies our offerings and extends our reach while ensuring the lasting success of the Spavia brand and staying true to our core values.

Spavia is excited for our growth within the next year with development plans for eight new day spas in the works.

The world of wellness is evolving, and Spavia is leading the charge as it continues to transform lives and communities. Spavia’s unwavering commitment to affordable luxury and community enrichment is the driving force behind our brand’s success. We stand at the forefront of wellness and spa experiences, and we are proud to have bridged the gap between vacation spas and result-driven wellness. At Spavia, we provide an accessible high-end wellness experience, delivering a diverse range of treatments, personalized fragrances and themed relaxation spaces.



Marty Langenderfer is the CEO and co-founder of Spavia. Marty brings a wealth of expertise and innovation to the brand. With a background that includes serving as a CPA and obtaining an MBA from Cornell University, Marty’s journey led to executive positions in renowned companies such as Travelocity and DISH Network. As a leader at Spavia, he leverages his diverse skills in finance, marketing and operations to guide the Spavia National team, driving the brand toward new heights of excellence and success. For more information about IFA franchisor member Spavia, please visit spavia-day-spa.