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By Pete Baldine, Moran Family of Brands


Moran Family of Brands and Turbo Tint has experienced consistent growth and development in 2023 as it expands its national footprint.

Turbo Tint Brand Gains Momentum

Turbo Tint provides advanced window-tint solutions for vehicles, commercial spaces and homes. By adding a protective layer to windows, these tints can significantly reduce internal heat, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency along with providing important UV protection.

Moran introduced Turbo Tint in 2020, collaborating with Greg Goodman, a seasoned franchisee of the company’s Alta Mere brand based in Oklahoma City. Despite beta testing at the height of the pandemic outbreak, the one-hour automotive window tint concept and online offerings at Goodman’s existing store generated a 30 percent growth in sales year over year. The success of the beta test set up the launch of the concept for early 2021.

Turbo Tint plans to add more than 100 locations over the next several years.

 This year has been pivotal for Turbo Tint’s expansion. Its focus on customer convenience and comfort is helping fuel expansion. Turbo Tint’s growth trajectory started with the launch of outlets in Delray Beach and Orlando, Florida, and now spans nine locations nationwide. The brand has development deals in place to add 46 additional Turbo Tint units and plans to have a total of at least 14 shops open by the end of the year. Additionally, eight more Turbo Tint stores are projected to open in the first quarter of 2024.

Moran’s strategic alliance with Clear Window Solutions LLC is set to amplify its presence in regions like Nevada, Arizona and Texas. As part of the partnership, Moran’s co-founder, Barbara Moran-Goodrich, teamed up with Franchise Update chairman Gary Gardner. Gardner will oversee market development, site selection and buildout, while Moran-Goodrich will manage the operations side of the business. Las Vegas will have two stores open by the end of the year along with a signed lease for a store in Arizona.

Turbo Tint plans to add more than 100 locations over the next several years. The concept’s limited product line presents franchisees with an opportunity for high profit margins and is a potentially lucrative investment for people who want to own a business in the auto industry.

One of the primary appeals of Turbo Tint’s business model is the convenience and comfort for the consumer. Customers can purchase an automotive tint package and book their installation appointment online. Upon arrival for service, the custom installation process takes less than an hour to complete. All Turbo Tint locations boast modern and spacious customer waiting areas equipped with oversized leather chairs, flatscreen TVs, and computer workstations with complimentary Wi-Fi. Providing a great customer service experience is key to Turbo Tint’s success.

Providing a great customer service experience is key to Turbo Tint’s success.

 Turbo Tint franchisees take advantage of multiple revenue streams with residential and commercial tinting services, which can reduce storm or accident damage by helping to hold the glass in place and protect interiors from the harmful impact of ultraviolet rays. Beyond automotive window tinting, Turbo Tint also offers paint protection services. Paint protection protects cars against rocks, pebbles, salt, sand, and road debris damage. It also prevents paint chipping and fading to improve a car’s appearance.

Moran Champions One-Stop Shop Auto Repair

In addition to Turbo Tint, Moran is the franchisor of five aftermarket auto repair brands, including Milex Complete Auto Care and Mr. Transmission. As a leader in the aftermarket auto industry, Moran is catering to an increasing demand for electric vehicle (EV) repair and maintenance. In 2023, EV sales continued their upward trajectory, capturing a larger market share. EV sales jumped 50 percent during the third quarter versus the same period in 2022, according to Kelley Blue Book.

Auto repair shops offering comprehensive services are primed for expansion. Moran’s emphasis on co-branding ensures that its franchisees offer a wide array of services, positioning them as the go-to solution in their communities.

At the same time, the climbing prices of new cars are prompting many people to hold onto their vehicles. The average age of cars on the road climbed to a record high of 12.5 years in 2023. Even if purchasing an EV vehicle is out of reach, keeping older vehicles in tip-top condition remains a priority for consumers as it improves gas mileage and ensures the vehicles meet emissions standards.

The Road Ahead

As consumers prioritize maintaining and repairing their vehicles over purchasing new ones, the aftermarket auto industry is primed for continued success. For entrepreneurs, technicians, and consumers alike, it represents a sector full of opportunity and promise.



Pete Baldine is the president of Moran Family of Brands. For more information about IFA franchisor member Moran Family of Brands, please visit moran-family-of-brands.