The UPS Store New Design Flexes to Meet Customer and Franchisee Needs

Franchise Development

By Tim Davis, The UPS Store, Inc.

This year has been one for the books. We’ve experienced unprecedented disruption and with it, a rapidly changing business environment. Now, as we look toward the future with our customers and franchise owners in mind, The UPS Store has unveiled a new, contemporary design for our retail stores. The reimagined store design, with its open layout, showcases the variety of services we offer – from packing and shipping to more specialized services such as printing and notarizing.

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Power of Research and Testing to Drive Transformation

This new design is the result of extensive research – with more than four years invested in building, testing and learning from numerous designs and prototypes. All while listening to feedback to understand the evolving needs of both customers and franchise owners.

The new store design was tested in multiple contexts, including smaller stores with footprints as small as 535 square feet. Adaptability was crucial for this new design in order to meet the rising interest in our innovative nontraditional locations within grocery stores, pharmacies, hotels and more.  

After many years of development, here’s what our research told us:

  • Ninety-three percent of customers reacted positively to the new store design
  • Survey respondents said the concept was bright, organized and welcoming
  • The design left the impression that The UPS Store truly was a one-stop shop

Convenience and Ease with a Customer Focus

Every aspect of the new design puts the customer and franchisee first, as the refresh showcases the full breadth of The UPS Store products and services. It aims to elevate the retail experience by grouping the store into functional zones, with work areas that invite customers to easily navigate the store and interact with associates.

These main zones include:

  • Front store accessibility 24/7 for customers to access mailboxes, smart lockers and self-serve printers.
  • An associate service counter for our customers to receive expert advice in packing, shipping and printing.
  • A separate print consultation area that allows for one-on-one collaboration between customers and associates on print and graphic design projects.

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Customizable and Modular Design

Individual franchisees have the option to customize the model to fit their customer’s needs – knowing that different markets have different priorities.

Best of all, the new store concept keeps flow in mind. All elements of the store are modular and replaceable without having to replace an entire structure. This makes it easy for franchise owners to maintain the fresh look and feel whileappealing to today’s customer. As e-commerce continues to transform the business landscape, the smart lockers and enhanced space utilization allow for more packages to come in and out of the store with ease.

New Minority Incentive Program

The UPS Store is committed to fostering a diverse franchisee network. We’re proud to offer both a minority incentive program and veteran incentive program for new franchisees.

The minority incentive program offers qualifying candidates who book a new store by December 31, 2021, a $15,000 discount on their franchise fee. We’re also honoring service members by offering qualifying veteran candidates who book a new store, $10,000 off the franchise fee which includes 50% off the initial application fee.

The refreshed store concept underscores our dedication to continue innovating – for both customers and franchise owners. Even in uncertain and evolving times, innovation fuels passion for our stores and services, ultimately driving growth and profitability.

Interested in bringing The UPS Store to an area near you? Learn more about becoming a franchisee with The UPS Store here.

This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. It is for information purposes only. 


Tim Davis is the president of The UPS Store, Inc. and an IFA Board Member. For more information and franchise opportunities for International Franchise Association (IFA) franchisor member The UPS Store, click here.