FAN From a Franchisors Perspective


Wisdom Senior Care was excited to attend its first Franchise Action Network (FAN) Annual Meeting in 2018. This event made us realize how  important it is to come together to increase awareness and engagement on different topics in the franchise community. We were able to network with our peers and speak with elected government officials. The experience was thrilling, as well as extremely resourceful, as we were able to be heard by our representatives on Capitol Hill. 

There were many highlights from the event. One was being able to help the elected officials to understand what franchising is, as well as the tremendous impacts it has on every corner of the United States. Being able to meet veteran franchisors and franchisees that have been in the industry for quite some time was also a highlight because it allowed us to network with our peers in franchising and hear about their different experiences. The IFA provided an opportunity to have a private meeting for us at Wisdom Senior Care to meet with Representative Bobby Rush from Illinois. We were able to voice our thoughts and connect with someone who wants to help us make a difference and strengthen franchising.

Bobby Rush

We also enjoyed the Franchising Gives Back Award dinner and the Franchisee of the Year Awards. These awards provided another platform to observe the successful brands giving back to the community and made me proud to be a part of franchising.

As an emerging franchisor, going to the FAN Annual Meeting was certainly worth the time and investment to make a difference and tell our brand story. We will be attending again in 2019, and I urge you to join us! Register here.

P.S. It is important to dress business casual, wear comfortable shoes and represent your brand well. Our franchise matters, and we felt that it was seen. Yours matters too, so come show it off! 


Charles Thurston


Wisdom Senior Care