2020 Ronald E. Harrison Award Winner

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Ronald E Harrison Award 2020

Organizations or individuals who make significant contributions to minorities in franchising and diversity initiatives are recognized annually with a Ronald E. Harrison award from the International Franchise Association (IFA).

This year’s winner is PepsiCo, due to their successfully-led diversity programs, decades-long involvement with the IFA Foundation, and their long-standing support of the Ronald E. Harrison Award and what it represents. PepsiCo’s partnership with the IFA Foundation enabled the company to be an advocate for diverse individuals while providing IFA members the necessary tools to increase diversity in franchising. PepsiCo’s involvement also provided opportunities for minorities to learn more about business, economics and franchising. From 2002-2011, the PepsiCo Foundation partnered with the IFA Foundation to offer scholarships through the Minority Scholarship Awards Program, a part of the Franchising Entrepreneurship Program.

PepsiCo is a large supporter of diversity and inclusion and has had a significant positive influence within franchising. One of the many ways that PepsiCo contributes to a diverse and inclusive environment is through Valor, PepsiCo’s employee resource group that supports veterans, the military and their families as they transition from the military to the civilian workforce. Sourcing goods and services and developing relationships with minority, women-owned and/or LGBT businesses has been a commitment of PepsiCo since 1982. Launching “Women with Purpose”, a program to support at least 10,000 women in Latin America by providing education and employment opportunities, is another way PepsiCo has committed to advancing women entrepreneurs.

IFA is proud to have members like PepsiCo. Being presented the 2020 Ronald E. Harrison Award at the 2021 IFA Virtual Annual Convention is IFA’s way of thanking PepsiCo for their tremendous commitment to advancing a diverse and inclusive franchise community.