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VetFran Program



Welcome to VetFran

VetFran was born out of the desire of the late Don Dwyer Sr. – founder of The Dwyer Group, to say thank you to our veterans returning from the first Gulf War. Reborn and re-energized by his daughter, past IFA Chair, Dina Dwyer-Owens after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, VetFran’s ranks have grown to include more than 650 franchise systems that voluntarily offer financial incentives to veterans seeking to become franchise small-business owners. Through the VetFran program more than 6,500 servicemen and women have become franchisees and more are being added every month. Nearly thirty years since its founding, VetFran is a flagship program of the IFA Foundation, embodying the committment of the franchise community to veterans and recognizing every day that veterans are uniquely well-prepared to become great franchisees. The program works to educate veterans about entrepreneurship and franchising nationwide and it encourages franchisors to committ and recommit to our nation's heroes. The program works with a wide array of private and public sector partners and is funded entirely through the generous support of sponsors. To see a list of those franchisors already benefiting from the VetFran program, visit the VetFran Directory.

What do you need to do to become a VetFran Member? 

Make the commitment. VetFran members commit to offering financial incentives to honorably discharged veteran franchisees that meet their requirements. These discounts on the initail franchise fee can be accompanied by other benefits, and in order to become a member, other criteria have to be met. Joining VetFran is free, but your company must be a member of the IFA. If you have questions about joining or would like to learn more about upcoming opportunties for members, contact Radim Dragomaca  

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