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We help organizations share their brand stories and grow their audience reach by creating impactful and consistent content. Through modern brand management and innovative tools, Marq empowers anyone within an organization to quickly build meaningful content without sacrificing brand integrity. Our product leverages intuitive and lockable brand templates and sophisticated brand profiles to meet even the most rigorous design standards. We enable organizations to scale content, build their audience, and experience growth by simplifying the brand management process and bringing everyone on their team into the fold on content creation.
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Textellent, Inc. is a leading SMS marketing and campaign platform provider offering innovative capabilities that integrate with CRM systems to automate yet personalize powerful marketing, sales, and customer service texting campaigns. With Textellent’s robust self-service appointment scheduling services, sophisticated drip campaigns, and patented TCPA compliance using artificial intelligence, businesses can offer an unparalleled customer experience. The result is a better one-to-one brand experience for large franchises and SMBs alike.
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Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale, P.C.

With one of the largest franchise practices, our nationally and internationally recognized attorneys regularly represent domestic and international franchise clients in their day-to-day franchise legal and regulatory matters as well as the complex litigation matters, acquisitions of franchised brands, and transactional matters incident to both domestic and international franchise businesses. They provide strategic planning to help their clients' businesses grow and avoid disputes.
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Penelope understands that as a small business owner or entrepreneur, you’ve got a million things to juggle. Some are small, some are big, and some seem so large that it’s easier to pretend they aren’t there.

When it comes to retirement savings plans, Penelope provides a streamlined, affordable savings platform for you and your employees without hassle, unnecessary jargon or hidden charges.

A low-cost 401(k) subscription model, Penelope’s intuitive technology platform automates employee investing, streamlines costs and paperwork, and provides learning tools for employees.
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NRD Capital

NRD Capital occupies a unique niche among franchise equity investors. Our fund invests with small to medium-sized franchisors, infuses capital and applies our operating expertise to grow those brands. We look at franchise companies not just as financial investments, but as living entities in which concept founders/management and franchisees have invested substantial amounts of time and resources. Our goal is to use our operational and financial experience to position high quality brands for accelerated but responsible growth.
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