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Member Since 2007

Plave Koch PLC

Plave Koch PLC is a boutique law firm focused on franchising, licensing, and branded distribution, representing over 200 brands in a wide range of industries. Services include franchise compliance, litigation/dispute resolution, international, trademarks, domain names/technology, supply chain, and business and finance transactions. A firm of former “big firm” partners who have taken a different approach to practicing law and serving client needs in the U.S. and internationally.
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Member Since 2023

Progress Group Limited

PGL is a multicultural hard-working business development and consultancy agency based in the UK and Iraq. We are a humbly dedicated to the works that could speak for us. Our birth is but a success story that would make us proud to share and pass to our clients. Our roots go back to 2008. We are an authentically tangible team of creative talents who believe in development and learning. We help each other, we work to support and build the team that will be trusted by all of our customers and clients.
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Member Since 2016

Fast Cloud Consulting

Fast Cloud is the maker of FranFast, a complete Franchise Management Suite built on the Salesforce Platform. FranFast can be fully customized to the needs and business processes of each franchise network. As it incorporates industry best-business-practices, it is used from emerging franchisors to well-established ones. Our four pillars: Franchise Development Manager; New Store Opening Tracker; Franchise Compliance Tracker; and Franchisee Communities. Call us today and discover FranFast.
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