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Led by David Cahn, the Franchise and Business Law Group at Whiteford, Taylor & Preston has over two decades of experience representing franchisors and franchisees. We serve as counselor, negotiator, advocate and business resource. From our Mid-Atlantic regional base, our team of 175 attorneys is experienced in all relevant areas of the law including real estate transfers and leasing, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring distressed companies, and regulatory compliance.

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The Franchise and Business Law Group at Whiteford, Taylor & Preston
Over two decades of experience advising Franchisors and Franchisees on the key legal issues they face.

The Franchise and Business Law Group at Whiteford, Taylor & Preston is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs pursue the American Dream through franchising.

We represent franchisors, franchisees and other entrepreneurs in the first stages of their quest to create and grow their business, and we counsel and represent them as they grow.  This includes representing clients who are: (1) franchising their proven business concepts; (2) purchasing a franchise to start a business,  or purchasing or selling an existing franchised business; or (3) active franchisors who have a dispute with a franchisee, or require counseling to avoid such disputes.

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With over 175 lawyers in 16 offices throughout the Mid-Atlantic, we are experienced in all relevant legal matters including commercial real estate leases or transactions; the buying, selling and financing of an existing business; intellectual property rights protection, licensing and enforcement; and tax planning and controversies.

Are you interested in growing an already successful business by franchising across the country?

Are you considering franchising as an option for starting a business in Maryland, Virginia, D.C. Delaware, or Pennsylvania?

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