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Tiger Pistol links brands to franchise locations using an easy-to-use, but powerful local advertising platform. Our platform automates location-based advertising at scale for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Amazon with a focus on flexibility, marketing collaboration, and performance to facilitate consumer connections and drive sales.

Franchise owners or their agency partners can select from a variety of brand-created ads designed to meet their specific business objectives, whether it's recruiting, increasing foot traffic, or promoting special deals.

Campaigns published through Tiger Pistol's platform drive better results with greater spend efficiency and ad performance, proving the local relevancy of campaigns improves the return on investment. It is the ideal solution for franchise brands seeking to empower their franchisees with an easy and effective advertising tool.

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Helping Franchise Brands Thrive In Competitive Markets with Local Social Media Advertising

Tiger Pistol offers an innovative local social solution that enables brands and their franchisees to collaborate for better results while removing the challenges of most local social advertising programs.

  • Brand Consistency: Ensures the brand is accurately represented across all local social campaigns.
  • Scale Local Relevance: Through bulk local publishing and automated attribute personalization, create direct call-to-actions that resonate with local audiences.
  • Franchisee Participation: Easy-to-use tools made for non-marketers means executing local social campaigns takes minutes. Driving noticeable results creates program advocates.
  • Effective Ad Spend: Maximize the impact of each advertising dollar with lower costs and higher conversion rates.

Brands that use Tiger Pistol make it easy for franchisees to execute local social advertising to facilitate customer connections that achieve business objectives.

We overcome common challenges:

  • Brand Consistency: Maintain brand control with a local social trade execution.

  • Scale Local Relevance: Bulk local publishing and automated personalization, create calls-to-action that resonate with local customers and drive them into a partner location.

Program Results

  • Build Advocacy: Investing in collaborative advertising with partners drives loyalty and influence at the point of purchase.
  • Effective Ad Spend: Maximize the impact of each trade dollar with lower costs and higher conversion rates.


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Whether you wish to work directly with your franchisees or through regional agencies, Tiger Pistol offers the flexibility to align with your local strategy. Let’s talk.

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