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Silvercrest Advertising, Inc.

Silvercrest Advertising has created revolutionary software that allows franchisees to plan design and buy localized media. (LMap) Media tactics range from newspaper to door hangers and everything in‑between. Franchisors control the creative used and the media activated. The franchisees can customize their media, determine where it will be distributed and execute the media by paying with their credit card. All from their own computer.

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Creating Powerful Brand Solutions

Silvercrest delivers brand solutions for franchise organizations with the combination of proprietary technology, customer data, and media buying, harnessed in one elegant platform. 

Our technological innovation and custom-built tools can simplify your brand’s national and local marketing needs.  Our system is the only platform that allows brands to manage and access all of these needs from one portal: Media Buying & Territory Analysis, National Ad Budget Tools, Creative Customization, Print-On-Demand, Grand Opening Automation, Specialty Products, Email Marketing, Social Media Management. Powering this is our Localized Media Automation Platform (LMap) which is a user-friendly, cutting-edge cloud-based system. 

Now you can integrate over various channels with customizable tactics that include – but are not limited to – print ads; door hangers; e-mail; social media; workplace media; business to business strategies; free-standing inserts; solo mail pieces; digital media; TV; radio  – to get your promotional message into the hands of the people who can use it most: the customers in your community.

Silvercrest Advertising, Inc.
Silvercrest Advertising, Inc.

But Silvercrest has gone beyond just advertising campaigns to offer their clients Intelligent Tracking as well.  Intelligent Tracking allows a client to see exactly where their media pieces are and if they have been delivered. Pushing the boundaries of advertising data, the barcodes printed on mail pieces not only deliver helpful tracking information but also valuable information on the interaction of individuals and the pieces they receive.

Let us help you build your brand by simplifying and streamlining your marketing tools.

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