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Scorpion is a premium provider of marketing and technology solutions for the franchise industry. As a partner for business owners, Scorpion delivers a better way through honest guidance, effective strategies, and award-winning advertising technology for clients who need a clear path forward.

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The #1 Ranked Franchise Marketing Company in Entrepreneur Magazine

Because hundreds of franchises all across the United States trust Scorpion to deliver the marketing service, strategy, and technology they need to be successful at the national, regional, and local level.


The Benefits for You…

1. No more vendor-bloat

Stop soliciting different partnerships and different technologies for your franchise—get time back in your day with one partner and one platform capable of meeting your needs, from web development and SEO, to listings management, social marketing, content marketing, digital advertising, and more.

2. A wholistic digital presence

Beyond having a professional site, in both form and function, you get a comprehensive digital presence consisting of listings, reviews, content, and strategy all working together in harmony.  Your brand stays top of mind for potential customers and an authority in your industry.

3. More leads, more customers, and more growth

Your franchise is in the business of creating growth. Marketing that’s “pretty” or “innovative” isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on unless it creates growth for your franchise in the form of more leads, more customers, and more sales.

These are just a few of the benefits of partnering with Scorpion…

To learn about the many others, please visit our website or request more information below.

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