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Avoid the consequences associated with bringing on a franchisee who does not have the financial capacity or a criminal history who could pose a threat to your franchise network and brand reputation. It is equally important for franchisees to vet employees to ensure the brand is properly protected, and Reliable can serve as your Preferred Partner.

Since 1990, Reliable Background Screening has helped mitigate risk for hundreds of franchise brands worldwide, offering a streamlined process to perform thorough, FCRA-compliant background checks on applicants. Bringing on the right franchisees and employees is critical to the success of your franchise growth.

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It only takes one or two poor experiences at a franchisee location to change the public’s perception of your franchise brand. Aside from building and maintaining a credible brand reputation, franchisors must ensure that their customer experience is consistent from location to location. Allowing the wrong individual to be a franchisee can undo years of building your franchise brand, operational standards, and reputation.


However, the franchisor isn’t the only one with skin in the game. The typical franchisee applicant is investing a substantial amount of their personal wealth, often approaching $500,000 to $1 million or more. An astute businessperson will value a franchise brand that implements a rigorous background check program to ensure that individuals with undesirable or dangerous criminal histories are not associated with the same company in which they are investing their own assets.

Not only will a professional screening program help secure the top-quality franchisee applicants, but a reliable background screening partner will also do a deep dive into your business, to better understand your industry’s unique needs and provide informed recommendations for your risk mitigation program.