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Background Screening - Franchisee Screening and Employee Screening. We work with franchisors nationwide to develop background screening processes that are tailored to the specific needs of each franchise. Our thorough and careful analysis is designed to mitigate risk for your brand and improve your odds of choosing successful franchisees. We also work with franchisors to deploy employee background checks, social media screening, and drug screening across the entire franchise network to further protect your brand.

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Protect Your Franchise Brand
You have worked hard to build your franchise brand

Protect your franchise company by implementing thorough background checks on your franchisee applicants.

As a franchisor, it is critical to have a thorough franchisee evaluation process. By careful analysis, you improve your odds of choosing successful franchisee owners who are more likely to pay you royalties for years to come.

Avoid the consequences of bad publicity from having franchisee owners with undesirable criminal histories tarnish your franchise brand. Whether through traditional print, radio, and television media, or in today's world of viral social media, bad press can significantly damage your franchise company network.

The best news is that when implemented correctly, the average cost of a thorough background check can be built into the franchise fee, or can be added as a separate application or background check fee... thus costing you nothing.


Reliable Background Screening can help franchisors design a custom franchisee background screening and employee screening programs to best serve the needs of your specific franchise.

Whether a franchisor or franchisee, you are also an employer. Reliable Background Screening specializes in employee background screening solutions. Hiring qualified and honest employees, volunteers, and independent contractors is a critical component to the success of any franchise systems.

Ask us about our ‘Preferred Partner Program’ which lets your franchisees screen employees easily, using a self-service online portal!