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Proposal software for franchises, providing franchisors and franchisees with the consistency, control, and visibility to manage your sales document process and grow their business. Create, send, track, and e-sign proposals, contracts, and agreements. Ensure that franchisees are sending consistent, on-brand, error-free proposals. Remove the black box from your sales process and gain visibility into what’s happening with franchisee deals. Get customized data and closing intelligence to understand and scale your sales across the franchise. Proposify helps you make every deal a closed deal.

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Untangle your sales document process with the leading proposal software.

Proposify proposal software helps growing teams remove document bottlenecks, and get visibility into the most important stage of your sales cycle: the close.

Give your team back their time, lose the friction, and send out winning documents that close 2x the industry average.

Never send a proposal with mistakes again.

Lock down your design and content with templates, snippets, and a central library of content, fees and images.

Free your reps from search, duplicate, find-and-replace.

Proposify offers a simple, streamlined workflow using pre-approved content which allows your reps to send out winning proposals with just few clicks.

Get visibility and insights that lead to more closed deals.

Know where proposals stands at each stage of the sales cycle, and if they’ve been viewed by prospects. You can even see which pages you prospects viewed and for how long!

Impress prospects and stand out from the competition.

No more PDFs attached to emails. Deliver a modern proposal viewing experience for clients with interactive pricing, e-signatures, and videos that get them to say "wow".

Our world-class customer team make it painless to switch.

We'll re-create your PDF for you or even design an optimized proposal template from scratch! Our top-rated customer success team has a proven system that gets your team up-and-running in weeks. Our custom templates have helped customers cut down their time-to-send by 37%.