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Milestone Inc. drives online customer acquisition with its digital experience platform and managed services. They work with customers, such as Speedpro, Marriott, US Bank, Nissan, McDonalds, Motel6, and Preferred Hotels among others to drive enhanced engagement and revenue at the franchisor and franchisee levels.

Typical franchise packages involve both product from Milestone Digital Experience platform, which includes website design and hosting, local, reviews, technical SEO & schema, FAQs & voice search with omnichannel marketing services to drive optimal traffic and growth.

Santa Clara, CA
United States

Primary Services
Marketing/Public Relations
Computer Software/Internet Services

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Milestone’s Digital Presence Platform

Generating dramatic results across industries

Milestone Inc. has lifted omnichannel results for Marriott, Wyndham, US Bank, IBC Bank, Evergreen, SpeedPro, Conn's, Nissan, Renault, VMware, and hundreds of others, and we can do it for you

We are experts in combining an omnichannel solution with the power of our Digital Presence Platform to get you in front of your customers throughout their customer journey.

How can Milestone Inc. help your business?

  • Website Design Services with Responsive Mobile Performance
  • Enable Your Business with FAQ Manager and Be Ready for Voice Search
  • Digital Media Marketing & Paid Advertising That Drive Results
  • Achieve Better SEO Results with Advanced Schema Markups