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iFranchise Group is comprised of the world’s top professionals and was voted the #1 franchise consulting/development firm in an independent survey of hundreds of franchisors four years in a row. iFranchise Group brings decades of experience to franchise consulting, development, implementation, marketing, and sales. Our consultants have worked with 98 of the world’s top 200 franchisors and our consultants have over 800 years of experience in franchising. Whether you’re interested in learning how to franchise a business or grow an existing franchise program, we can help. Contact us today for a free copy of Mark Siebert’s book, Franchise Your Business.

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iFranchise Group is comprised of the nation's top professionals in strategic planning, operations documentation, franchisee training, and franchise marketing and sales.
We can provide the real-world guidance and hands-on assistance needed to reach your full growth potential.

iFranchise Group has helped thousands of businesses assess their franchise potential, and our franchise consultants bring decades of experience to your franchise development and implementation efforts. Among them, our consultants have over 700 years of experience in franchising.   


iFranchise Group’s services are primarily geared toward three markets:

    1.     Companies seeking to franchise for the first time.

    2.     Companies who are already franchising.

    3.     Manufacturers currently selling through dealers or distributors.

Visit us at and request a free copy of our seminar "How to Franchise Your Business." You can also request a free excerpt of Mark Siebert’s book, Franchise Your Business, The Guide To Employing The Greatest Growth Strategy Ever, at our website or by contacting us today at 708-957-2300.

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