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Hylant provides competitive, enhanced insurance coverage, risk management services and alternative risk financing programs for both franchisors and franchisees. We provide employee benefits and COI compliance tracking. Employment Practices, Cyber, General, and Auto Liability, Workers' Compensation, Product Recall, Franchisor Errors and Omissions, Directors and Officers coverage and more. Can provide coverage nationally.

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Our goal is to provide insurance products and services to appropriately deal with risk and minimize any financial impact to the system. We educate franchisors and franchisees and provide superior risk management services to help eliminate a majority of claims that could find their way back to your brand.

Insurance is complicated. That’s because your risks change every time your business, your industry, or the world changes.

To help you protect your business, we invest the time to understand it. Partnering with you, we uncover the nuances that make it unique and that expose you to risk. As conditions change, we stand by you, keeping you informed and offering the professional guidance we would want if we were in your shoes.

We get to know you because we aren’t protecting just any business. We’re protecting your business.

We are here to advise on the alternatives available to you for dealing with the ever-changing risks that employers face today. Using vehicles of risk control and risk transfer as a means of controlling liability is a preferred avenue to altering your proven business model. As we all know, with greater risk comes higher premiums and it is Hylant’s aim to inform you when circumstances change and how that may affect your overall cost.

One of the most important services we provide is educating your franchisees about insurance, its purpose and how to protect themselves in the everyday operation of their business. We understand that many new franchisees have little understanding of these issues; what they do know is they must have insurance to open their doors. Hylant’s Franchise Practice developed Insurance 101 for all of our franchise partners. This packet of information can be delivered to each franchisee upon signing of a franchise agreement and is specifically designed for your unique exposures. It provides a brief description of insurance, applications for coverage and information on other products and services they may find useful in running their business. When we deliver a proposal for coverage, we spend time reviewing it in detail to make certain each franchisee understands what they are buying, why they are buying it, and exactly what is covered.

Additionally, we offer insurance compliance services via a proprietary certificate tracking system to which you will have access. Each program is tailored to your specific needs and operations, and will provide flexibility to satisfy the individual needs of each franchisee.Our promise is simple: We will deliver the most competitive product to your franchisee while satisfying your franchise agreement. We understand the challenges that franchisees face every day from controlling cost to management. We are here to be your partner and theirs. 

Hylant is one of the largest privately held insurance brokers in the nation. For over 80 years we have helped businesses and individuals face their challenges by providing creative insurance solutions. Our proven and dedicated professionals have the experience and expertise you need in this ever-changing economic climate. Let Hylant and our Franchise Practice be your insurance program resource.