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Gallagher Franchise Solutions provides an innovative and creative approach to help your franchise excel. With the power of Franchise Insurance Groups and the strength and stability of Gallagher, the world’s 4th largest insurance broker, we are able to offer premier pricing, superior customer service and higher quality coverage. Call today to find out how Gallagher Franchise Solutions can help you create a program that will protect your business, care for your people and grow your profit.

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Protect your business, care for your people and grow your profit with Gallagher Franchise Solutions.

Gallagher Franchise Solutions offers premier pricing and superior customer service with backed by the strength and stability of Gallagher, one of the world’s largest insurance brokers. Our franchise professionals will tailor a program specific to your industry, operation and locale. 

Programs include exclusive insurance coverage, resources like loss control and HR support, access to employee background checks, disaster and continuity resources, healthcare plans, payroll services and discounts. Contact us today to create your franchise program.