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FRANdata is an industry-leading research and consulting firm offering market intelligence that enables our clients to grow their business in franchising. FRANdata offers independent, comprehensive market insight focusing on the franchise ecosystem. By leveraging the largest database of proprietary franchise information in the industry, we help clients measure performance, find ideal targets and fully understand the complexities of franchising. FRANdata is headquartered in Arlington, VA, and is often cited as franchise experts in media publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, the Franchise Times, and Franchise Update.

Arlington, VA
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Market Research and Consulting with FRANdata. Unparalleled Franchise Intelligence Across 230 Industries and 4000+ Franchise Brands. 

For more than 30 years, FRANdata has been  and remains to be the industry leader in the strategic analysis, forecasting and measuring of franchise performance. We harness data and insider insight into analytical and actionable solutions that transform mediocre outcomes into highly successful results for our clients.

Our deep industry expertise and breadth of historical and predictive capabilities allows us to effectively measure risk and recommend paths towards sustainable growth. We help our clients understand the size, trends, and nuances of the franchise environment, identify factors that will influence buyers in the marketplace, and suggest marketing and sales strategies that change trajectories.


FRANdata Research Solutions:

Market Acceptance Testing - discover real-user usage details that will help you develop and position your products to meet the market demand. Test your product or service to measure the receptivity or usefulness of the service.

Assessing the Competitive Landscape—Learn about your competition and improve your operations, marketing and sales. FRANdata can identify and analyze your primary competitors and gauge their relative success and failures in the marketplace.

Targeted Marketing—We help define and discover your best prospects. Targeted marketing enables clients to laser-focus on those targets which yield the highest possibility of return.

Capital Access - By connecting more than 9,000 lenders to every franchise in the FRANdata database, FRANdata’s Franchise Registry provides the information, services and support that facilitates tens of thousands of loans to franchisees each year.