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Diversified Royalty Corp. (“DIV”) is in the business of acquiring top-line royalties from well-managed franchisors in North America. DIV’s royalty partners include Mr. Lube, Sutton Realty, Mr. Mikes Steakhouse, Nurse Next Door, Oxford Learning Centres and Stratus Building Solutions. DIV is actively looking for franchisors seeking a liquidity event, but who want to retain full control of their business and realize the value related to continued new store growth.

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Franchisors: Don’t Sell to Private Equity

It takes a big effort and often a long period of time for a franchisor to achieve scale and become highly profitable.  All owners eventually want to take some money off the table.  Traditionally, this would involve either an outright sale or a private equity transaction.  A royalty transaction provides owners of high quality franchisors with the liquidity of a private equity deal, while retaining 100% ownership and control, as well as the ability to monetize the value of continued new store growth.

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Many of successful franchisors have realized the benefits of the royalty model over the past 20 years.

If you are considering a private equity deal, you should give DIV a call to understand the royalty option – similar liquidity but retain control and equity upside.  It’s like having your cake and eating it too!