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Consumer Fusion is a leading provider of AI-powered reputation management solutions dedicated to helping brands protect and grow their online reputation. With over 100,000 illegitimate negative reviews removed from over 60 review sites, we specialize in maximizing your digital footprint through Reputation Management, Local SEO, and Social Media Tools. Our platform offers automated owner's responses and integrated review generation to help businesses defend and grow their most valuable asset: their reputation.

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Winning the Right Customers Starts With a Strong First Impression

A single-location business can find reputation management challenging - it’s no wonder it can be a herculean effort to manage the reputation effectively for a brand with hundreds or thousands of locations operating across various regions.


That’s why your brand needs a franchise reputation expert who offers easy and effective solutions when playing both defense and offense, without sacrificing the customer experience.

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    Consumer Fusion is the only All-in-One Reputation Management Solution that is easy and efficient in managing your online reputation. We’ve removed over 100,000+ illegitimate negative reviews & photos for businesses all across the web, in every major industry! We provide you with the tools you need to monitor your brand’s online reputation and keep your brand consistent. 

    Become a reputation management champ today! 

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    Consumer Fusion and Franchising Expert Sally Facinelli Bring Innovative Online Reputation Management Platform to the Forefront of Franchise Marketing at IFA2020

    SAN DIEGO, Jan. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Consumer Fusion (CF), one of the pioneers in online reputation management teamed up with Advisor Sally Facinelli, CFE, to showcase their all-in-one reputation management solution at the IFA2020 Convention in Orlando.