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Constant Contact offers a custom tailored solution for franchises including a suite of online marketing tools that help them create and maintain great customer relationships at the local level while maintaining brand control and reporting on usage and success at the corporate level.

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Drive Franchise Growth with Email Marketing by Constant Contact
Constant Contact makes email marketing simple with affordable, easy-to-use tools, and free award-winning support. Our email marketing solutions are designed to ensure brand consistency while maintaining flexibility for a local touch.

Constant Contact for Franchise delivers everything you need to connect with customers, grow your franchise, and watch big-time results pour in—in real time. See for yourself why we’re trusted by over 850 brands.

As a Franchise partner with Constant Contact, your franchise will get access to:

  • Administration & Real-Time Reporting: Manage and track your franchisees’ accounts and marketing. See who’s succeeding with Constant Contact, who needs help, and how campaigns perform.
  • Brand Protection: Lock down your brand with attractive, mobile-friendly templates. Supply static and/or approved content that your franchisees can edit before sending to their customers.
  • Advanced Features: A/B subject line testing, dynamic content, click segmentation, automation, resend to non-openers, personalization, dynamic sign-up forms, and much more to help you grow your bottom line.
  • Email Marketing Automation: Create a personalized email once, and set it to send automatically for birthdays and other milestones. Segment contacts based on the content they click to create more targeted lists, send more relevant emails, see better results, and make customers happy.
  • Subject Line Personalization: Franchisees can use tools to automatically put their audiences’ names into subject lines, which is proven to increase open rates and increase engagement.

Learn more about starting a free partnership with Constant Contact—visit our website or call 1-866-899-3710.