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BoeFly's Franchise Sales & Financing System has proven to increase a brand's lead to sales conversion rate, accelerate diligence and optimize financing. BoeFly is the leader in franchise lending solutions, having supported franchisees from 600+ franchise brands including Meineke, Checkers and Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

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We’re paving the way for a smoother franchising journey for both Franchisors and Franchisees.

BoeFly was founded in 2010 when forward-thinking small business owners, lending experts and technologists joined forces with one goal in mind: to make getting a small business loan easier. With the view that small business growth and financing are intrinsically linked and in need of smart innovation, we went to work.

When BoeFly was started, it was exclusively focused on how we help small business borrowers get financing more efficiently. Along the way, top franchise brands approached them with the goal of speeding up their franchise sales process. They wanted a better journey for their applicants with faster sales and openings.

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Since that time, BoeFly has developed a proprietary Franchise Sales and Finance System designed to meet the core needs of franchise brands and small businesses throughout the entire process — from vetting franchise candidates to matching them with lenders who can move fast. This system allows BoeFly to be a one-stop-shop for diligence and financing for franchisors and franchisees alike. Over the years, BoeFly has earned their place as a leader in franchise lending solutions having facilitated over $7 billion in lending activity for franchisees by working with 600+ unique franchise brands.