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Award-winning full service public relations and franchise marketing agency that has been helping franchise companies promote and publicize their products and services since 1999. Other services include; design; social media; content marketing; video production and digital advertising. Our book publishing division, BizComPress, publishes books, videos and podcasts for executives, entrepreneurs and franchise companies with a story that can best be told in a longer format.

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Think BEYOND PR to reach your prospects

BizCom Associates is a new breed of public relations and marketing communications firm. We do not take an old-school approach to PR. We go Beyond PR by providing you with much more than traditional public relations among our core services.

Several years ago we recognized that the media landscape was dramatically changing.

The way prospects consumed their information was changing. Tactics and strategies that worked just a few years earlier no longer delivered the same results.

As a result, we expanded our capabilities and expertise in order to provide a blended approach to PR that takes advantage of traditional media coupled with the many new communications tools and platforms now available.

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Our now clients benefit from the seamless integration of our publicity, digital, design, publishing and other capabilities needed to engage todays audiences when, how and where they want to be reached. 

One thing that hasn’t changed, however, are the results you can expect. Since our founding in 1999, BizCom has helped dynamic entrepreneurs and many of the worlds most well-known brands promote their products and services worldwide. Weve done it for hot young start-ups. Weve done it for established multinationals. We can do it for you.

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