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Discover All Points Public Relations, the franchise PR firm offering clients one agency to cover all the points -- press, social media, digital, content marketing and franchise sales support. Our team’s passion, personal approach and professionalism come together, delivering powerful results to generate high-quality franchise leads that convert and immense awareness that pushes brands and local franchise locations forward. All Points PR is the franchise PR firm to get your concept to the next level. Contact us today and learn more at!

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Grow Your Franchise with Powerful Integrated Lead Generation

Discover All Points Public Relations, the franchise industry's PR firm covering all the points -- press, social media, digital, content marketing and lead qualifying. Tap into the team that specializes in highly effective franchise lead generation.

Ready to grow? All Points Public Relations electrifies franchise sales, amplifies brand awareness and delivers just the right jolt to spark local store sales. Our integrated public relations approach energizes franchise brands at all stages through powerful results. We blend the right mix of targeted publicity, social media, digital and content marketing to squarely address client objectives and exceed shared goals. 

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Franchise Development Lead Generation

Strategically focused on targeting qualified franchise candidates, we work hand in hand with our clients to execute cutting edge lead generation strategies that meet and exceed their growth goals. The All Points PR team immerses itself in the most productive digital solutions, from social media and web traffic search engine marketing to high performing email campaigns that drive inquiries and convert qualified leads. 

Plus, we build leads through targeted growth market PR efforts that earn press exposure and strong third-party validation, creating fantastic endorsements for the franchise opportunity. 

With lead funnels flowing, All Points PR creates nurturing email and blog programs to push leads through the sales process while integrating efforts with our clients’ CRM systems.