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IFA Supplier Members are ready to meet your franchise needs! Find everything in one place, from legal services to uniforms. Take a look at the IFA Supplier Directory and get connected with members who are committed to the franchising community.

Member Since 2008


FUTURE PROOF YOUR FRANCHISE SYSTEM with Clarity’s Unified Communications Service. +100 national brand partners choose Clarity’s FranchisePhones® & PizzaPhones® service because we know your phone (just like your website) serves as the virtual front door. Our system combines voice, video, text, and instant messaging, freeing people to work the way they want in today’s mobile, distributed, and always-on work world while maintaining YOUR brand and operational best practices. Our pioneering Own-The-Number program ensures you maintain ownership of your marketed numbers, imbed best-practice call handling and brand compliance while ensuring our USA technical team delivers customized training and troubleshooting. We see ourselves as an extension of your own team: ensuring critical communication is maintained, compliant, insightful, and fully supported.
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Member Since 1993

Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC

A full-service law firm with nearly 700 lawyers and policy advisors representing clients from offices in: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas and Washington, D.C. Our franchise and distribution group provides comprehensive legal services to start-up, expanding and seasoned franchisors including: strategy, structure, documentation, enforcement, disclosure, regulatory compliance, intellectual property, dispute resolution and vicarious liability defense.
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Member Since 2014

Pronexis, Inc

ProNexis provides an extension of your brand to your potential customers. We answer calls and respond to incoming digital leads—most of the time within seconds. We engage potential customers, explain your service, and set appointments on your calendar. Our goal is to deliver high-quality paying customers. You already spend money to get the phone to ring and to get leads coming in. ProNexis ensures you get the most from your leads--and more paying customers!
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Member Since 2020

REP'M Group

We are true full-service Franchise Development experts. Our success starts with process diligence across our suite of premier development services. We have over 100 years of combined experience in franchising, operations, marketing, and growth. Our unmatched capabilities ensure your brand will GROW CONFIDENTLY and profit! We are proud of what we do, how we do it, and would be honored at the opportunity to partner with you.
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Member Since 2004

Haynes and Boone, LLP

Haynes and Boone, LLP is an international corporate law firm with offices in: Texas, New York, California, Washington, D.C., Mexico City and Moscow, providing a full spectrum of legal services. Our franchise and distribution lawyers are experienced and internationally recognized for their skills. We have the specialized knowledge to assist companies to decide whether and how to establish new franchise, licensing and distribution programs, both domestically and internationally.
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Member Since 2003

CANAM Franchise Development Group

CANAM Franchise Development Group helps U.S. franchisors sell franchises in Canada. We become your Canadian Franchise Sales Team. With dedicated personal attention and concern for our clients, our team of experts offer a proven system that develops, packages, and launches franchise programs within the Canadian marketplace. And most importantly, we take responsibility for implementing our sales strategies and recommendations. CANAM Franchise Development Group can accelerate your company's expansion into Canada.
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Member Since 2016

Synuma, LLC

Synuma is an all-inclusive Project Management Solution that effectively synchronizes the overall franchise business cycle from initial Sales/CRM to Site Selection thru Construction and to ongoing Operations for multiple locations and concepts. Our proprietary software solution allows companies to manage their entire the development cycle within one program and to complete projects on-time, under budget and reach revenue streams quicker. Our CRM now offers AI for better decision making, efficient use of resources and identifying better qualified leads.
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Member Since 2002

Jones, Waldo, Holbrook, McDonough

Established in 1875, Jones Waldo provides innovative solutions with the highest level of legal expertise. Our Franchise Practice Group serves clients from many different industries, ranging in size from start-up franchisors to national distribution networks. Our Franchise Practice Group can assist franchisors in every aspect of their business, from franchise creation and compliance, to arbitration and litigation of franchise disputes. A full service firm, we can assemble a customized legal team to address the most challenging client needs.
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