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Built specifically for Multi-Location Marketers, Adplorer is THE platform to build your local advertising infrastructure for your brand. Whether you are bringing marketing in-house or working with partner agencies, Adplorer will help you scale by centralizing and systemizing your local digital ad campaigns, brands, and teams. Ensure marketing consistency, refine local campaigns efficiently, and gain insights with our Adplorer software platform.
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Member Since 2008

Listen360, Inc.

Listen360 is a powerful, NPS-based customer experience platform that enables more than 40,000 brands around the globe to attract and retain business, improve operations, transform delighted customers into vocal advocates and build better customer relationships, resulting in increased growth and profit! Learn more at!
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The Martec Group

The Martec Group specializes in answering the questions that can’t be answered. Our tenacious approach to market research ensures that our clients receive a deeper understanding of their customers, markets, and opportunities. With a portfolio of custom intelligence solutions that has been built over 30+ years, we deliver actionable insights for global clients in a wide variety of industries including Franchise Systems, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Private Equity, and Specialty Chemicals.
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Member Since 2016

Franchise Search, Inc.

Expertise matters. You already know that. That’s why you’re looking for executives who have significant experience in our industry.

The same is true for executive search and why Franchise Search Inc. (FSI) has remained one of the premier firms in franchising. We’ve put great people in great places for national and global clients for decades. Our history is proven. Our knowledge is unparalleled. Our wisdom is unsurpassed. And our access to talent is beyond compare.

We work exclusively within the franchise industry placing top talent in some of the most critical roles, including: CEO; President; COO; Sales; Operations; Training; Marketing & Advertising; Legal; Finance; Real Estate; Construction, and International Development.

Because we know the franchise industry better than anyone, we also know that making a hire requires much more than simply reading what’s on a resume. You want a recruiter that knows how to identify talent beyond the words. People are the most important part of your franchise system. That includes the people you hire to do your executive search.

Contact Douglas Kushell to hear more about the Franchise Search difference.
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Member Since 2023


helloCMO is a franchise marketing consultancy that offers an efficient option to outsource your marketing needs. It’s an alternative solution that provides brands with access to C-suite level knowledge, expertise, and franchise marketing experience, but at a fraction of the cost. As a client, helloCMO specializes in working with your organization’s existing marketing department to develop strategic plans and execute campaigns that deliver results both in consumer and franchise development

If you’re ready to revisit, reevaluate, and refresh your go-to-market strategies, explore the streamlined, cost-effective approach that a fractional Chief Marketing Officer can provide.
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Member Since 2014

Gorodissky & Partners

Gorodissky & Partners (G&P) is a universal IP law firm providing a full range of services connected with the IP life cycle. The lawyers of G&P have extensive experience in handling heavy-weight projects related to IP licensing and franchising. G&P has assisted many emerging and leading companies to set up licensing and franchising businesses in Russia, Ukraine and CIS. In doing so, G&P has been representing the clients from different jurisdictions, including: U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan, and China.
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BFC's myResource provides a centralized portal for all your franchisees marketing needs. This includes direct mail, an ad builder, personalized marketing collateral, and a stationery and supply store. One source, one solution. BFC provides all of the print and fulfillment so orders are shipped quickly and accurately.
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JBecca was founded on the idea that marketing that works shouldn't be exclusive to enterprise brands. Our real time reporting, web based ordering and dedicated brand support team help you make sense of it all and make growing your franchise system easier and more profitable. Helping with everything from finding new franchisees to grand openings, you'll enter new markets with confidence and grow your market share using our data driven, award winning marketing campaigns. When it comes to results, we measure in people, not just clicks and open rates.
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Based in Dallas, TX, Imaginuity® is reimagining marketing for franchise brands through integrated services and innovative technology platforms. Imaginuity understands the complexity of today’s marketing eco-system and of managing marketing programs for nationally and regionally distributed organizations.
Imaginuity’s cross-functional expertise across business strategy, website
development, and on- and offline media helps progressive franchise organizations improve marketing planning, execution and measurement, which can lead to efficient spending, increased sales, improved customer satisfaction and higher retention.The agency’s proprietary AdScience® customer data platform collects, manages, analyzes, and activates customer data to drive more efficient media conversions. Pylot® is a unique website development platform enabling franchised organizations to scale a consistent, branded presence across locations fast.
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Member Since 2004

Akerman LLP

Recognized franchise and licensing practice group in national law firm. We represent national, regional and local franchise companies, including mature, emerging and start-up franchisors and subfranchisors. Authors of The Franchise Seller's Handbook, we advise on: federal and state franchise laws and regulations, international expansion (including Cuba expansion), trademarks, patents, acquisitions, and dispute resolution.
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Member Since 2000

Creative Media Group, Inc. (CMG)

Creative Media Group, Inc. is an application services provider that supplies e-commerce consulting, web site design, and customized Internet/Intranet applications and solutions to major corporations, franchisors, and their customers worldwide.
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Member Since 2022

Franchise GrowthLab

We are a franchise acceleration firm that specializes in helping emerging franchisors scale their businesses with ONE mission in mind: to help your brand surpass the 100+ unit mark as fast as we possibly can. We put the right systems in place to help you navigate past the sticking points on the path to 100 franchise units. We share our expertise and methods to give you the capability and resources to execute in a more scalable and cost-effective way. And we bring a level of strategic thinking and insight into your franchise system that will help you out compete your competition.
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