Strengthening, amplifying, and advocating for the franchise community.

We provide the tools for each IFA member to grow and enhance their business. We understand your challenges as a franchisee, franchisor, and supplier. We’ve been here from the start and we will support you into the future, every step of the way.

IFA Franchise Certification

IFA Franchise Certification is a formal recognition and seal of approval for franchise professionals. It demonstrates an individual’s proficiency within, and comprehension of, franchising. Nearly 250,000 certifications have been issued to dedicated franchising professionals worldwide.

Invest in your career and your future with an opportunity to learn and grow professionally. Gain an advantage over your competition and increase your potential.

We believe that knowledge is power and with opportunities to earn credits every year, your growth and success is unstoppable.

Learn about the industry-leading certification program that equips franchise executives for long-term success.

Franchising Gives Back

IFA empowers professionals in the franchising community to overcome today's toughest challenges in business. We take a holistic approach to supporting our members.

What do we mean? We understand that in order to support our members towards a successful future in franchising we need to also support their communities.

Making an impact…Together! 

VetFran: Veterans in Franchising

Did you know that veterans represent a higher percentage of ownership in franchises than in other businesses?

Since 2003, more than 3 million service members have returned to civilian life. The more military transition data is analyzed, the more we understand the effects and impact of modern military service. Just as they supported us, IFA is honored to stand beside our veterans through their transition.

In response to the growing national conversation, IFA started VetFran, a program designed to give veterans the step up that they deserve.

This includes incentives, job placement, discounts at 630 franchise companies, and discounted membership for all veterans interested in starting a franchise.

We stand for diversity, inclusion, and equality.

At the International Franchising Association, we believe diversity drives innovation. We know that our community is stronger when people of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives are fully engaged. Embracing diversity not only enhances our culture, it drives the success of our franchising community. 

The International Franchising Association is committed to ensuring an inclusive franchising community, where diversity is valued and is seen as the catalyst that drives our growth and success. 
There is truth in numbers: 30% of franchisee owners are minority owners and 30% are women. Both of these numbers are well above the national average, and that is something to be proud of. 

Through education, opportunities, and best practices, the IFA is driving a more engaged and inclusive culture. 

NextGen: Empowering the Next Generation

Fostering the next generation of franchising talent: NextGen gives young entrepreneurs around the globe a platform for their ideas and projects, providing equity-free prize money, other funding opportunities, global visibility, and connections with key players in the franchising community.

The IFA, NextGen program not only supports dreaming big; it also opens the door to scholarships, mentorships, and endless life-changing opportunities. 

Because we believe in sustaining the power of our community into the future.