Supplier Benefits

supplier partners connect using b2b lead generation tools offered to IFA members

Doing Business with Franchises

IFA’s network represents over 1,100 franchise brands full of growth and opportunity. Every event, conference and sponsorship represents an opportunity to discover and close more business with your target customer.

Boost Your B2B Lead Generation

Supplier members are featured in IFA’s directory of trusted suppliers. IFA members trust our supplier recommendations to provide them with organizations who understand the franchising community and business mode in order to establish successful partnerships.

Your supplier membership will open the door to networking and B2B lead generation opportunities.  A supplier membership will also provide you access to IFA’s robust schedule of programs and events. At many IFA events, you, as a supplier member, will be encouraged to demonstrate your excellence and expertise by exhibiting, sponsoring, or facilitating, all of which can lead to more strategic partnerships and successful lead generation.

Exposure, visibility and communication at its finest.

Leadership Opportunities

Push your exposure and credibility even further by pursuing leadership opportunities within IFA. As an IFA supplier member, you will have the opportunity to be nominated for numerous leadership positions, including a range of committees and the Supplier Forum Advisory Board.

Strong network, big opportunities.


Franship: IFA’s Member Mentor Member Program

Seeking to elevate your professional relationships and learn from the best in the industry? Franship will connect you on a real level with the talent behind the greatest success stories in franchising, and they will mentor you as you navigate the franchising community. Engage, connect, learn, and evolve: the IFA community stands together. Applications can be submitted here. For questions, please email Spencer Brignac at


The franchising community is global, spanning diverse industries and evolving rapidly.

IFA’s Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) course will equip you with the tools you need to keep your products and services tailored to the franchising model. Professional certifications demonstrate your expertise and position you as a leader. Make the impact that franchisors and franchisees are searching for.

Seizing IFA’s educational opportunities will ensure your business stays steps ahead of the competition and dialed in to our trillion-dollar community. Our robust offering of events, networks, conferences, seminars, and more will give you all the context you need to understand the franchising model and your clients’ needs.


Have Questions? Contact Paul or Spencer.

Paul Rocchio

Vice President, Development & Member Services, International Franchise Association

Spencer Brignac

Manager, Membership Recruitment & Retention, International Franchise Association