Franchisor Benefits - Advantages of Membership

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Membership in IFA - the world’s largest franchise association - helps franchisors maximize the advantages and benefits of franchising by protecting, enhancing, and promoting your success.



Benefits of Membership

Franchising is an ideal way to grow your business, and the benefits available to franchisors through IFA membership open the door to a world of unique possibilities for everyone from experienced business leaders to up-and-coming franchises.

Continuing Education & Professional Development for Franchisors

Credibility is a valuable currency. When you commit to pursuing ongoing education, you are committing to the success of your brand and professional standing.

IFA membership enhances the knowledge, skills, and networks for you and your key franchise staff. Brand exposure within our powerful franchising community enhances your business’ relevance in a quickly changing economic landscape.  IFA is proud to offer a comprehensive schedule of conferences and seminars that connect and inform our members with the latest in franchising.

Franchise Networking and Mentoring

Seeking to elevate your professional relationships? IFA’s networking and mentoring opportunities will connect you on a real level with the talent behind the greatest success stories in franchising. Engage, connect, learn, and evolve: the IFA community stands together. The Franship Program connects you with a member who has been with IFA for 10+ years. The mentor and mentee meet quarterly over the first year of membership to ensure that you are maximizing your membership.

IFA's Franchise Business Networks (FBN) provide the opportunity to meet franchisor members in your backyard. With 33 FBN's in localities across the United States, you can easily network and gain insights from fellow franchisors, franchisees and suppliers in attendance at these free IFA events. 


IFA provides best-in-class events to members, who receive a 50% (or more) discount on registration fees. IFA's Convention is the premier event in franchising with 4,000 attendees, 300 exhibitors, and more than 150 networking and educational sessions. 

Additional IFA events include:

  • Franchise Action Network
  • Legal Symposium
  • Operations Conference
  • Emerging Franchisor Conference.
  • And more!

Certified Franchise Executive Program

You can never be too experienced when it comes to building your career. IFA offers premiere certification programs to franchisors through its industry-leading CFE (Certified Franchise Executive) certification.

Franchise Sales & Development Resources

IFA’s franchisor members are motivated professionals and entrepreneurs ready to scale their operations. IFA membership provides the exposure, recognition, and prominence to help the world’s best franchises grow.

Tools to Acquire Franchisees

Franchise Opportunities Directory is the web’s best platform for promoting your franchise to potential franchisees. Our members’ franchise opportunities directory listings attracts thousands of prospective franchisees every month, showcasing your brand to the ideal candidates who fit your passion, culture, and finances. Your franchisor business profile will include vital information that helps prospective franchisees seek you out and join your growing team.

Premium and featured IFA members receive top placement and enhanced opportunities to promote their brand. 

Franchise Opportunities Guide

All IFA members are featured in IFA’s Franchise Opportunities Guide, a leading print franchise guide accessed by nearly 15,000 prospective franchisees.

Event and Expo Sponsorships for Franchisors

IFA’s events and conferences provide vital exposure for driving franchisor recognition. Beyond networking, leadership opportunities, and recognition, you will receive a 7% discount when you exhibit at MFV's Expos.

Franchise Supplier Directory

As an IFA Member, you will gain access to our supplier directory; a rich resource of trusted suppliers who specialize in serving the franchising model to help you grow your business. IFA knows the value of strong partnerships. We vet only the most qualified, franchise-forward suppliers who are leaders in their respective industries.


Franship: IFA’s Member Mentor Member Program

Seeking to elevate your professional relationships and learn from the best in the industry? Franship will connect you on a real level with the talent behind the greatest success stories in franchising, and they will mentor you as you navigate the franchising community. Engage, connect, learn, and evolve: the IFA community stands together. Applications can be submitted here. For questions, please email Sydni Konohia at

Franchise Government Relations

IFA takes your side. Fighting for issues that benefit our members is what drives us. The franchise business model deserves a significant voice and a seat at the legislative table, and IFA’s government affairs team delivers results that make a real difference.  

Our Government Relations team relentlessly advocates for and protects the franchising community on all political levels. We work on both sides of the aisle to protect your bottom line and promote small business policy. From our headquarters in the heart of Washington, D.C., our political influence radiates through every state and locality across the nation.

Franchise Industry Information, Research & Publications

No organization understands the global franchising landscape like IFA. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, staying relevant, accurate, and current is a full-time job. Franchisors can trust the IFA team to deliver relevant, critical research studies, industry intelligence and insider knowledge to you on a daily basis so you can focus on your operations. IFA's partnership with FranData also produces an annual economic report to help members plan for any upcoming hurdles for their business.

Knowledge is power, and IFA members never have to fear the unknown. Over the past year, IFA has created and produced more than 160 member-only webinars on every topic affecting the franchise community

International Resources for Franchisors

With membership in over 130 countries, IFA is uniquely positioned to help franchisors expand your success in the global economy

Our worldwide networks connect franchisors with international development leads. IFA partners with the World Franchise Council to build the franchisor business model across the globe. Our suite of international resources and information orient our members to the possibilities of franchising beyond borders.

Additional global benefits for franchisors include: (Link to basic pages)

IFA’s Partnerships

Legal and Compliance Resources for Franchisors

IFA helps franchisors protect your business. We’ve partnered with our trusted legal partner to provide a legal compliance toolkit that will equip our members to stay on the right side of employment and business law.

Tools for Franchisors

Franchise Payroll Services

Almost all businesses require payroll services. IFA members receive a 15% discount on payroll processing with one of the nation’s largest providers, who can structure unique solutions to fit any franchise system’s needs.

Answering Services

AnswerConnect Franchise is an Industry leader in Live Reception Franchise services. AnswerConnect can help you 24/7/365 to answer calls, set appointments, qualify leads, transfer calls, CRM integration, and more.

Funding Solutions

As the authority in franchise funding, Benetrends has been funding America’s most popular brands for 40 years. Benetrends' innovative and comprehensive suite of funding solutions not only helps franchisees successfully launch their dreams, but also helps catapult growth of franchise systems


SOCi is the marketing platform for multi-location brands and enables both franchisees and franchisors to strengthen and scale their digital marketing efforts across countless local search and social platforms. 


Many advertising opportunities are available for IFA members only, or are offered to members at a steep discount. 

What are the Benefits of Franchisor Advertising?

  • Franchisor Brand Presence: Franchisor advertisers, large or small, are featured alongside nationally recognized brands.
  • Qualified Leads: All prospective franchisee leads are qualified by IFA.  You receive a lead email if a site visitor completes the form, or they will click through directly to your website.
  • High Traffic Volumes: For many of our franchisor advertisers, IFA listings are their largest source of site traffic.
  • Support of Franchising: Because IFA is a non-profit, your advertising dollars go directly back into promoting, protecting, and enhancing the business model. 

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