Stretch Zone Ramps Up National Expansion Efforts Following Tremendous Brand Success

April 28, 2023

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.- Stretch Zone, the nation’s premier assisted stretching brand with a patented strapping system on proprietary tables, has big plans for growing their national footprint with an incredible year on the horizon. The brand will open over 100 locations within a year’s time and is committed more than ever to introducing Stretch Zone and the benefits of a deep and focused stretch to new communities throughout the country in an effort to help everyone live a healthier life.

Founded by Jorden Gold in 2004, Stretch Zone got its start from a desire of wanting to help his Pop-Pop regain mobility. Gold, who was working as a trainer at the time, utilized his background in the wellness space to start stretching his grandfather, who had been bed-ridden due to age and a variety of health complications. He realized through this process that there was room to develop a new approach that amplified the results from stretching. Gold spent months pioneering a proprietary training method that uses a table and straps to help achieve long lasting effects that truly impact day-to-day life. Pop-Pop went from being bed-ridden, to using his walker, to dancing at his grandchild’s wedding in a matter of months. Gold knew how many lives could benefit from practitioner-assisted stretching and sought to begin introducing the concept to the nation through franchising.   

“Watching my grandfather struggle with every day things had a profound impact on me,” said Gold. “Being able to use my knowledge in the health space to help him regain a better quality of life brought me incredible joy, and I knew that I wanted to bring Stretch Zone to communities throughout the country. To see how far the brand has come over the years and reflect on the impact we have made on so many people is incredibly humbling. We’re in the business of changing lives and I can’t wait to see how Stretch Zone will continue to grow and improve in the future.”

Stretch Zone was recently ranked number 35 in Entrepreneur’s 2023 Fastest Growing Franchises. An incredible honor and testament to the demand the brand is currently experiencing and the future growth they are anticipating.

The health and wellness spa industry reached 19 billion dollars in 2022, and Stretch Zone is proof of the astronomical growth potential within the wellness space. With 270 locations open throughout 39 states, this brand has seen incredible growth since its start and has no plans on slowing their momentum. Stretch Zone is currently opening an average of two locations per week and has had zero locations close, an amazing feat for any company and one that also showcases the incredible demand for the brand. To help support each individual franchisee, Stretch Zone has streamlined their processes to help every one of their partners surpass their personal business goals. With a simple business model and a stellar opening team to help each location have a successful launch, franchisees can expect an expedited schedule with studios opening in as little as eight weeks.

“We are thrilled to be able to continue bringing Stretch Zone to communities across the country, working towards our goal of improving the quality of life for our clients,” said Tony Zaccario, President and CEO of Stretch Zone. “Introducing new cities to the array of benefits stretching can provide is an honor and not something we take lightly. Continuing with our proactive expansion efforts and finding the right franchisees to help us carry out our vision allows us to amplify our impact. We are proud of our growth, but it’s just the beginning - we have a lot of exciting things on the horizon.”

Stretch Zone is actively looking for experienced franchise owners who have a passion for helping their communities live healthier lives. The brand functions from a franchisee-first approach and is open to both multi and single unit operators to help carry out the brand’s mission.

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About Stretch Zone

Founded in 2004 by Jorden Gold, Stretch Zone is a brand that was built with heart. Revolutionizing how we all approach stretching, the brand is on a mission to improve the quality of life for communities by utilizing their proprietary tables and patented strapping system to assist in achieving long term results. With 270 locations open throughout 39 states, this brand has seen incredible growth since its start and has no plans on slowing their momentum. Stretch Zone is looking for experienced franchisees that are passionate about the health and wellness industry and are committed to making a positive impact in the communities they serve. For more information, please visit