Restaurant Industry Announces Agreement in California Regarding Quick Service Restaurants

September 11, 2023

Sacramento, CA – The Save Local Restaurants coalition today announced that a comprehensive legislative agreement has been reached regarding quick service restaurants and outstanding legislative and regulatory issues in California. The language of the agreement has been inserted in Assembly Bill 1228 (Holden) and this version of the bill must pass both houses of the state legislature by Thursday, September 14. The components of the agreement can be found here

Matt Haller, President & CEO of the International Franchise Association and Sean Kennedy, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs of the National Restaurant Association, co-chairs of the coalition, offered the following statements:

“This agreement is in the best interest of workers, local franchise restaurant owners, and brands and protects the franchise business model that has provided opportunities for thousands of Californians to become small business owners. It provides meaningful wage increases for workers, while at the same time eliminates more significant – and potentially existential – threats, costs, and regulatory burdens targeting local restaurants in California.”– Matt Haller, President & CEO, International Franchise Association

“This agreement protects local restaurant owners from significant threats that would have made it difficult to continue to operate in California. It provides a more predictable and stable future for restaurants, workers, and consumers.” – Sean Kennedy, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs, National Restaurant Association

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