New Pvolve Studios Coming to Nashville Metro Area Following Latest Franchise Deals

April 02, 2024

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (APRIL 2, 2024) Pvolve, the fitness franchise that pairs low-impact, functional movement with resistance equipment to build strong, mobile bodies, announced the signing of two new franchise agreements for Nashville, which will introduce Pvolve studios to both Franklin and Brentwood, Tennessee, and build upon the existing studio location in The Gulch.

The local franchisees are Mary Godwin (Franklin), a former teacher and native of Franklin; and sisters Melissa McClellan and Frances Lynch (Brentwood), both experienced entrepreneurs in the fitness space.

As a pioneer in functional fitness, Pvolve has rapidly gained traction globally this year, as consumers have abandoned long-standing beliefs that workouts must be punishing to be effective. Pvolve is a workout that prioritizes longevity and sustainability, without sacrificing effectiveness, ultimately helping its members live younger, longer. Recently, the company announced the preliminary results of its Healthy Aging study, which demonstrated that Pvolve is more effective in improving strength, flexibility, energy, and quality of life for women over 40+ than 150 minutes per week of moderate cardio and strength training.*

“Before finding Pvolve, I always thought, ‘I know I need to work out, but I hate it,’ and that you had to totally break down your body to get a good workout,” Godwin shared. “It took a while to find my ‘thing’ in terms of exercise, and, now that I have, I want to share it with everyone, especially the other moms in my community.”

“When I entered the health and wellness space, I fell in love with the idea that I could help people improve their lives,” said McClellan. “As I get older, it becomes increasingly important for me to create an inclusive space for members of my community that nurtures all fitness levels. Pvolve is just that.”

As the fitness industry continues to evolve, and more consumers are focused on longevity over short-term gains, Pvolve’s unique approach to functional fitness will continue to set it apart in major markets across the country. Both franchise groups have already expressed an intent to welcome additional studio locations to the Nashville Metro area in the years ahead, which means there can be additional.

“I’m beyond excited to see Pvolve take root in the Franklin and Brentwood communities,” said Pvolve President Julie Cartwright. “Mary, Melissa, and Frances are intelligent, passionate business owners, and we are lucky to welcome them as our newest partners. Pvolve’s innovative training model is so incredible in that it really can deliver powerful transformations for people of all ages and fitness levels. The studio is sure to invigorate the wellness routines of those in the community and bring new meaning to what great fitness looks and feels like.” 

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About Pvolve
Pvolve is a workout method that pairs low-impact, functional movement with resistance equipment to build strong, mobile bodies, so members can live younger, longer. After being introduced to functional fitness in 2017, founder Rachel Katzman was determined to help others experience an approach that respects the body's holistic needs while making you look and feel great. The Pvolve Method is supported by a Clinical Advisory Board of doctors, as well as highly credentialed trainers, to offer effective workouts that help you break a sweat, not your body. In June 2023, world-renowned actress, producer, and director, Jennifer Aniston, officially partnered with Pvolve after falling in love with the method as a member. Through its hybrid fitness model, Pvolve can be experienced through a streaming membership that offers over 1,300 on-demand classes, a two-way, live virtual studio, and targeted series, all available via the web and mobile apps. Additionally, Pvolve has physical studio locations in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and franchises across the US and Canada, with more than 40 locations in development. For more information, please visit,

*The 12-week clinical trial conducted by the University of Exeter and Pvolve included 72 women ages 40-60 years old, comparing 4 Pvolve workouts per week of 30-55 minutes in length to standard physical activity guidelines of 150 minutes per week.