Growing Pains: 3 Problems and their Solutions for Franchisors

October 02, 2019

1. Retaining prospects that visit your website.

Your website is one of your greatest marketing tools. It provides credibility, value, and accessibility to your company. Through your website, you can showcase your franchise’s strengths and abilities as well as pertinent contact information to a wider audience. And while you might be aware of the amount of traffic that you are getting to your website, pinpointing who those leads are and where they are is a challenge. 

One surefire method of connecting with a website visitor is using a contact form on your website. Enabling mandatory fields such as name, email address and phone number, helps you collect information from future franchisees. Contact forms help build a strong lead list as all members who complete it have opted-in to receive communication from you.  

But what about those who are have shown interest by visiting your site, but still haven’t reached out? Retargeting with direct mail solves the mystery of locating these once “anonymous” prospects so that you can engage them through a different channel. With Retargeting, you can pixel your franchisee-facing website and capture online leads with just the click of a mouse. The prospects are matched by IP addresses from your website to the visitor’s physical address and within a 48-72-hour time frame, these same prospects will receive a customized postcard from you to help increase conversion.

2. Quickly offering custom, professional, and polished presentations.

First impressions mean a great deal in your industry, especially since your prospects see offers daily from your competitors. If you want to remain top-of-mind and appear professional, you need to provide a presentation that is “wow” worthy. It’s a must in the franchise world that you showcase your brand’s strengths and potential for growth in a way that will be informative, beautiful, and a conversation starter.


Unibind arms your internal sales team with professional presentation materials in a beautifully branded, customized, portfolio in less than 90 seconds. The self-binding presentation system helps enhance your image and adds value to your documents, ultimately engaging and impressing prospective franchisees.

This branded cover can be used to emphasize your brand when you deliver information about your franchise to current partners, or your Franchise Disclosure Documents to potential new partners. Unibind will have you creating gold medal-worthy presentations that will ultimately improve your franchise’s awareness and influence key decision-makers.

3. Standing out from the competition.

Making sure your message is heard and retained by prospective buyers of your franchise is always a difficult issue to solve. Depending on the prospect, traditional print material can get overlooked among other print messages and the length of your message might be seen as an overwhelming read. While we know video marketing helps with message retention, it can be difficult to add video marketing in traditional mediums.

This issue is resolved with Print + Video. This innovative marketing tool allows you to gain the attention of potential franchisees by pairing an LCD screen with mediums such as books, brochures, business cards, and presentation boxes. These highly customizable marketing pieces can be used to deliver video testimonials from happy franchisees or a quick video about the benefits of your franchise.

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