Fifteen Students Graduate From Palm Beach Atlantic University with a Concentration in Franchising From The Titus Center for Franchising

May 17, 2023

Palm Beach Atlantic University is the only institution to offer a concentration in franchising with more than 50 students graduating with this specialization since the program’s inception is 2017

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (May 12, 2023) - Last week, 15 students graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University with a concentration in franchising from the Titus Center for Franchising, double the graduation rate for the past five years.

Housed in Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Rinker School of Business, the Titus Center for Franchising provides students with the necessary coursework to earn a bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in franchising. Business students utilize 12 of their 16 elective hours to focus on franchising, completing three academic courses and a 90-hour franchise internship, where they learn the principles of business franchising and valuable skills relative to franchise administration, sales and operations. Palm Beach Atlantic is the only institution to offer a concentration in franchising with courses taught in the classroom and rarely online.

“A specialization in franchising provides our students with an incredible foundation of skill and knowledge that sets them apart when they graduate and seek employment. They end up knowing more about franchising than most first year franchisees or employees in franchise businesses. In most cases, the concentration leverages the bachelor’s degree’s value, with many students receiving offers for employment long before graduating,” said Dr. John P. Hayes, Titus Chair for Franchise Leadership and Director of the Titus Center. “We are incredibly proud of our students’ accomplishments and look forward to further supporting our graduates in their pursuit of successful careers in franchising.”

Since 2017, the Center has seen more than 100 students enroll in the program, providing professional education for people who want to work in franchising, buy a franchise, or franchise their business. The Center’s Advisory Board includes 65 companies and more than 80 franchise professionals. Of the more than 50 graduates, six have become franchisees, owning seven brands, while others are working for franchisors and one for a supplier. 

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About The Titus Center For Franchising

Founded in 2017, the Titus Center for Franchising is housed in the Rinker School of Business at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, FL. Students complete 12 credit hours to earn a concentration in franchising as part of a bachelor’s degree. The center was endowed by franchisor Ray Titus, founder and CEO of United Franchise Group, who gave the university a $1.5 million gift. The center is dedicated to educating people about franchising and preparing them to become employees of franchise companies, franchisees and franchisors. Dr. John P. Hayes is the director. 


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