Code Wiz Expands Across America with Innovative Franchise Opportunity 

January 26, 2023

BOSTON - Code Wiz, the franchise that unlocks children’s inner geniuses, helps students to learn, collaborate, and gain problem-solving skills through coding and robotics classes. As students ages 7 through 17 complete projects through a Montessori-style approach and personalized pathways, they develop programming skills that will carry them through adulthood as technology continues to become more and more prevalent in today’s world. Through the franchise’s partnership with Clear Summit Group’s family of brands, the support and growth of the emerging brand is increasingly evident. Code Wiz has seen 340% growth from 2022 to 2023 and is offering franchising opportunities across the nation. 

Code Wiz CEO and Founder, Ruth Agbaji knows the impact that coding can have on students’ lives because it helped her to unlock her own inner genius. Now, she sees that same impact in the communities, students and franchisees at Code Wiz. Code Wiz’s franchising model, leadership team, and the immense support and resources behind them have made it possible for the brand to continue their success. As the demand from parents increases for their kids to learn relevant coding and robotics skills, Code Wiz’s locations in California, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Texas have seen an increasing number of children benefit from their student-driven classes.

As the tech industry has experienced massive growth in recent years, Code Wiz provides the opportunity for students to utilize resources to prepare them for the future. “We strive to introduce parents and their children to the world of coding and robotics and the skills that develop with it,” said Ruth Agbaji, Code Wiz’s Founder and CEO. “Not only is Code Wiz always on the forefront of the best technology, but we also strive to provide a welcoming and deeply personal experience to each student. This is what makes us unique and drives our purpose in educating the future tech geniuses of our world.” 

Code Wiz has seen the positive impact of the continual growth in the technology industry. The franchise is backed by Clear Summit Group, and a group of educated, highly involved franchisees who are passionate about creating a thriving environment for students. Code Wiz is looking forward to a year of growth and expansion, impacting as many kids as possible through coding and robotics. “We truly believe that the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates is going to be a result of Code Wiz, and the more we grow and expand, the more students we can positively impact,” said Agbaji. The initial start-up cost for a Code Wiz franchise business starts at $120,300. For more information about Code Wiz and the opportunity to become a franchise partner, visit


About Code Wiz

Code Wiz, founded by Ruth Agbaji in 2017, empowers kids to take control and unlock their inner geniuses through their award-winning coding and robotics classes. Code Wiz delivers welcoming and spirited facilities with state-of-the-art technology that allow students to take part in customized, project-driven, engaging opportunities, allowing them to learn and grow through technology. The brand provides customizable coding and robotics classes, tailored to students’ interests in seven states- California, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Texas. Learn more about Code Wiz and the brand’s franchising opportunities at